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ZL HYPOFLECT (to reflect from below) brings a new standard in reflective technology. ZL’s proprietary process applies high performance reflective prints onto high quality fabrics. The result - superior technical apparel for even the most extreme situations.

Hypoflect features our unique monogram print. No longer will you need to wear unexciting monochrome fluorescent reflectives to stay safe!

Hypoflect provides 360° visibility from any light source from a distance, yet remains semi transparent during the day, meaning your ZL garment is the most versatile piece of clothing you will own. Look hyper cool during the day, but be hyper safe during the night.

The durability of Hypoflect has been field tested extensively during the 2 years of prototyping, where we took our products to the most extreme of conditions, making sure they won’t let you down.

Our garments are made for the outdoors. Specifically engineered to be breathable, as well as to keep in the heat, our heat ceramic technology regulates body temperature.

Run, cycle, train, hike or commute - your jacket will keep you ventilated.

Rain shouldn’t keep you from doing what you want to do. Our garments have a water repellent coating to prevent absorption of rainwater, yet also retain breathability, ensuring your comfort from start to finish. 

We know that you need your jacket to be lightweight for everyday wear, yet durable enough to stand the test of time. We cannot emphasize the ZL quality enough. Our ZL jackets are built with top of the line, industry leading components and materials, whilst also being equipped with our Hypoflect material of the future.

All of these properties are designed for the materials to work in unison with our HYPOFLECT technology to provide the ultimate premium reflective clothing. Our products are made to assist you in a variety of activities, both active and casual. 

Our key goal when starting this journey was to create an active jacket with a fashion-forward design and emphasis on the quality of the materials and components.

We have created a brand new reflective that is levels ahead of any on the market.

Hypoflect reflects a major breakthrough in this material technology. We have made the brightest and most eye catching garments, that can be seen from over 200 feet away. Not only have we created an active jacket with modern fashion influence, we also created an extremely safe and durable reflective material that will ultimately help save lives.

In 2017 there were 5,977 pedestrians and 783 bicyclists killed in crashes with motor vehicles in the US alone. Together these vulnerable road users account for a growing share of total US traffic fatalities: in 2017 pedestrians and cyclists accounted for 18.2 percent of traffic fatalities (an increase of 32% over the 10 year period prior).

Lighting conditions are a major factor - for example three quarters of pedestrian fatalities in the US occur in dark conditions.

This is one of the major reasons why we decided to start this project. With the steady growth in population, the roads are only getting more congested. We hope that our materials can keep our customers safe, making our journey worthwhile.

For the past 80+ years, reflective design hasn't seen any change. Most of you may be familiar with 3M reflective. You may have seen it on everything from fashion wear to construction jackets, and everything in between. It was first created in 1937 and since then, it hasn't been innovated. This type of reflective is mass produced and used by just about every company when incorporating reflectives. 3M had the first breakthrough in reflective technology, ZL has what would be considered the second real breakthrough. We have have created a brand new reflective that hasn't been done or seen until now.

 We are here to change that. As a London-based company, we inspire to set the bar even higher within modern fashion while also applying an advanced twist. We take everything a few steps further. You may be familiar with us from our previous Kickstarter - our Z-Liner High Performance Honeycomb insoles. We ended our campaign over 1000% funded and have been rolling ever since! We are a team that make design and quality our utmost importance. If it’s ZL, expect advanced, expect premium.

 In 2014 we started developing our newest in-house technology, “Hypoflect” (to reflect from under). It was a project aimed at creating a new type of medium that could be used on any garment or material of our choice. We wanted to create the future of reflectives. Until now, there’s a reason why previous reflectives are a one-piece, one color material.

 It is difficult to apply both patterns and ink onto a material and have them both be transparent at the same time. It was impossible until we made the breakthrough in 2018. After 4 years of testing and prototyping, and many roadblocks along the way, we finally cracked the case. Nearly 5 years from the start of our journey, we are finally ready for our global release. We’re excited - and we hope you are too! Please join us on our journey...

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Be the safest HYPEBEAST on the planet! Get the whole collection in every color and make your friends jealous!


(3) ZL | Exo Hypoflect Winter Jackets

(3) ZL | Vortex Hypoflect Windbreakers

(3) ZL | Atlas Hypoflect Hoodies

Get the best deal every you in every color in every style we make at only £1000.

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ZL | Journey Pack

Get (2) ZL | garments for the outdoor adventurer, wear them both for yourself or give one to your loved ones.


(1) ZL | Exo Hypoflect Jacket

(1) ZL | Vortex Hypoflect Windbreaker

Get both the ZL | Exo Hypoflect Jacket and the ZL | Vortex Hypoflect Windbreaker at £290.

Pledge £290
£185 Only 3,000 left

ZL | Exo Jacket

ZL | Exo Jacket is the ultimate cold weather jacket for your needs. Featuring our ZL HYPOFLECT technology throughout keeping you visible when you need to. Featuring no fewer than 4 inner pockets and 4 zipped outer pockets. A full length storm flap and detachable hood will keep you protected from anything the elements will throw at you. 

Lightweight and packable yet retains the ability to conserve your body warmth through the inclusion of 3M's Thinsulate.

Pledge £185
£115 Only 3,000 left

ZL | Vortex Breaker

ZL | Vortex Windbreaker is the only windbreaker you will need in your wardrobe. Featuring HYOPLECT technology throughout the jacket keeping you safe, cool and breathable whilst rocking the most fashionable and functional windbreaker there is. Packable into its own pocket featuring 2 zipped pockets and a packable hood providing you protection when you need it the most.

Pledge £115
£90 3 out of 3,000 claimed

ZL | Atlas Hoodie

ZL | Atlas Hoodie is the ultimate hoodie for your everyday needs. ZL | Atlas Hoodie boasts a plush polycotton build for cosy comfort and trimmed with our HYPOFLECT reflective coating on the top of both sleeves, shoulders and hood to keep you safe and look cool whatever activity you may be doing. Features 2 deep zipped pockets and our super exclusive reflective drawstrings.

Pledge £90
£380 Only 500 left

ZL | Mission Pack

(1) ZL | Exo Hypoflect Jacket

(1) ZL | Vortex Hypoflect Windbreaker

(1) ZL | Atlas Hypoflect Hoodie

Get the ZL | Exo Hypoflect Jacket, ZL | Vortex Hypoflect Windbreaker and the ZL | Atlas Hypoflect Hoodie at £380.

Pledge £380
£200 Only 500 left

ZL | Training Pack

For all your training needs or for a loved one and yourself, get:

(1) ZL | Vortex Hypoflect Windbreaker

(1) ZL | Atlas Hypoflect Hoodie

Get both the ZL | Vortex Hypoflect Windbreaker and the ZL | Atlas Hypoflect Hoodie at £200.

Pledge £200
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