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Assembly is an award winning* short, light and addictive cooperative puzzle game for 1-2 players.

You are on an spacestation that assembles spaceships. All was going well until a deadly virus struck and wiped out the entire staff, except you. The computer has quarantined the station and is venting the air. To survive you must escape, or will you die trying?

Assembly is an easy-to-learn, fast and fun mind-bending puzzle that has lots of replay value and variable difficulty levels making it suitable for everyone.

It's gameplay has been compared to Hanabi, The Mind and Pandemic and was rated one of the best games on Kickstarter by PC Gamer Magazine in 2018 and has received The Dice Tower Seal of Approval:

"If you're looking for a quick, easy card game that's small enough to carry around but packed with plenty of substance, Assembly is probably for you. Its cooperative, unpredictable gameplay makes it a great pick for fans of Pandemic [and] is simple enough to understand after just a few turns." - Sammy, PC Gamer Magazine

"Overall, I really liked Assembly. It’s a neat, small card game and I do enjoy it. I liked it both as solitaire and 2-player and I’m gonna get a lot of plays of this in as a solo activity, in fact I already have and I’m still on a high from it, I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Assembly’s gonna get a strong seal of approval from me." – Zee Garcia, The Dice Tower

"Assembly is a game that draws you into its world and keeps you there until your last breath. It's a nail-biting game where game where the prize for success is your life. It's intense enough to make Pandemic veterans shake with fear. If someone could make a board game out of a Rubik's Cube, it would look a lot like Assembly." - David,


  • A short, mind-bending cooperative puzzle tabletop board game for 1-2 players that leaves you wanting more. Test how well you know your friend: Will you survive together and escape or will you die trying?
  • Your objective is to build a spaceship and escape before the computer kills you. You do this by simply moving the room modules (chunky tokens) around the assembly area (blueprint cards) based upon the randomly determined command cards you have in your hand. Sounds easy? The gameplay is but the solution isn't; the computer fights back, changing things up every round plus she's listening to your every word, limiting communication, there's even an official sign language variant included!
  • Perfect gift for gamers and non-gamers alike. Assembly is an ideal present for anyone who likes a puzzles such as sudoku lovers, maths whizzes, scientists, engineers or anyone else who likes a good problem to solve. Its meditative solo gameplay has been compared to a Rubik's cube and traditional Clock Patience, whilst it's 2-player variation is award winning as highly innovative.
  • Suitable for ages 8+. Easy to learn and you can change the difficulty to suit your needs.
  • A small and compact box packed full of challenge, ideal for for playing at home or when on the move.

Box contains

  • 47 game cards 
  • 12 large wooden tokens with stickers
  • 1 12-sided die
  • 1 rules booklet


  • Basic game requires no language comprehension.
  • Download rules in German, French & Spanish.
  • 3 mini-expansions (Malfunctions), forcing you to change your strategy.
  • 3 communication levels including British Sign Language variant.
  • Several difficulty levels.


  • No. Players: 1-2 
  • Duration: 10-20 mins

*BGG 2016 Design Contest: Most Innovative Design


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