VR Balance for Oculus Quest
The Quest to Make the Quest Comfortable has Ended

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The Quest for a More Comfortable Quest.

I love the Oculus Quest but it just isn't comfortable. So I created this counterweight comfort mod VR Balance.

Other mods seemed to add cushion which was addressing the symptom of the problem of front heaviness and then over tightening the straps. This cures the problem of front heaviness so you no longer have to over tighten and I found no longer needed cushions. It was perfectly comfortable. It also had to be easily portable as I travel a lot. Had to fit in my Quest Case and finally I didn't want to feel anything on the back when I rested my head. All these were huge issues for me with the vive deluxe audio strap solution. It was bulky, couldn't rest my head back because of the knob and it wasn't a full counterweight, it was just a way to tighten the quest to your head... and people are paying $200 for a partial solution (Yes the connected audio is nice but VR Balance allows you to retain the original audio and still add high end headphones when needed. I was not alone in feeling this way as just a small post in reddit and facebook led to being fully funded on Kickstarter in just 24 hours!

  • Weighted much better than a power bank or even helmet counterweights
  • It is two sided so if you want to hide our wonderful logo just flip it around.
  • Makes it easy to share with minimal adjustments needed.
  • No more "VR face". You do not need to tighten too hard to your face. Great if you wear glasses.
  • It is so well integrated you don't have to take it off. The Quest will still fit most cases (all I tried) and you can lay down and never feel the custom cut steel weights or a protruding screw knob.
  • I have played for hours at a time and tested for 4 months and feel it is the best accessory for the Quest. 
  • Compatible with most other comfort mods but not the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap.
  • TAKE COMFORT TO 11! add the VR Balance Comfort Strap to help distribute the weight over a larger portion of your head and place to secure a Power Bank!

My Modular FrankenQuest is not only crazy comfortable but compact and modular (I can take off and use only what I need). 

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VR BALANCE Counterweight for Oculus Quest

Finally get the Oculus Quest balanced. Includes one VR Balance for Quest.

  • Weighted much better than a power bank or even helmet counterweights
  • It is two sided so if you want to hide our wonderful logo just flip it around.

SERIOUSLY Consider upgrading to the Combo below that for $10 more adds the Comfort Strap!

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VR Balance Counterweight PLUS Comfort Strap for Oculus Quest COMBO

Take Your Quest Comfort to 11!

 VR Balance Counterweight for Oculus Quest WITH the Comfort Strap will:

  • Distribute the weight off of the center top strap.
  • Stabilize the Oculus Quest (less movement when turning your head).
  • Allow longer sessions (Especially if like me you watch tons of movies)
  • Feels like putting on a baseball cap.
  • Provide more cushion at the top of the head.
  • More space to attach a light power bank (battery pack)
  • Additional straps for securing 2 AA batteries (one on each side) so you can have them at the ready for your Quest Touch Controllers!

Pre-Order $40
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