Old Norse for Modern Times

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Old Norse Dabbler

You are a newly blooded warrior, seeking to insult unsuspecting monks.
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$30 CAD

Old Norse Warrior-Skald

You are a court poet like Þórbjǫrn Hornklofi, seeking to quarrel with both rhyme and reason. 

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$50 CAD

Old Norse Scholar of Runes

You are like Egill Skallagrímsson, not averse to staying up all night composing mighty head-ransom poems and drápa fit for a king.
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$120 CAD

Old Norse Lawspeaker

You are a historian, poet and lawspeaker like Snorri Sturluson who wants everything the authors have published in Digital and Physical form. 

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$200 CAD Only 13 left

Old Norse Runecarver

You are a runemaster like Åsmund Kåresson who craves original art! You get to own one of the original illustrations from the book by Nicolás R. Giacondino in A5 size (5-7/8 x 8-1/4)! First come, first served - see the main project text for details.

Preorder $200 CAD
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