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Solasta Original Soundtrack (Vinyl)

This is the Physical Version of Solasta Original Soundtrack (Vinyl Records). 

Your journey through Solasta: Crown of the Magister will be accompanied by a wonderful 60 minutes soundtrack by Maxime Hervé, a young but talented composer who worked on several high profile projects such as Space Hulk: Tactics, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 7 and Love Death & Robots.

Note: If you wish to purchase more than 4 copies, please contact us directly at

Access Add-Ons €27

Solasta Adventure Box (Physical)

Dive into the world of Solasta in this exciting tabletop adventure!

The Ruins of Carillach Gar is a starting adventure designed for a party of four to six 1st level characters, which should take them to 3rd level by the conclusionThe adventure takes place in a lawless region known as the Marches.

The Solasta Adventure Box contains:

  • High quality DM Screen (2.0 mm) 
  • Short adventure in Solasta (lvl 1 - 3)
  • Solasta Dice Bag - Dice Set (2d4, 2d6, 2d8, 2d10, 2d12, 2d20)
  • Solasta Character Sheets (Pre-Generated)  
  • Solasta Character Sheets (Blank)  
  • Character Cards (Art / Stat Blocks) 
  • Standees (PCs, NPCs, Monsters)
  • Battle Mat (Board) 

Note: If you wish to purchase more than 4 copies, please contact us directly at

Access Add-Ons €27
€41 2 claimed

Solasta Campaign Rulebook (Physical) - Kickstarter Edition

This is the Physical version of the Solasta Campaign Rulebook - Kickstarter Edition.

The Solasta Campaign Rulebook - Kickstarter Edition - contains approximately 180 pages:

  • History & Timeline 
  • Campaign Themes
  • Regions & Nations 
  • Magic, Warfare & Religion 
  • Races & Sub-Races 
  • Classes & Archetypes 
  • Monsters & Notable NPCs
  • Kickstarter Edition Art Section

Note: If you wish to purchase more than 4 copies, please contact us directly at

Access Add-Ons €41
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