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An Immersive Tea Board Game!

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LAST CALL! For a limited time only this weekend (Dec. 15), you're able to join for the same Kickstarter pledge levels!

To keep updated, here's a link to the latest news! If you order, your copy of ☕️ Chai will arrive in February.

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☕️Chai—Deluxe Edition

One quali-tea copy of the Kickstarter Exclusive ☕️ Chai—Deluxe Edition!

Unique features to the deluxe include:

  • 30 metal coins
  • GameTrayz™ deluxe insert
  • Metal 1st player token
  • 2 dice for AI solo variant
  • 10 deluxe exclusive cards
  • 5 deluxe superfan-inspired cards
  • 5 deluxe wild pantry tokens
  • Spot UV box text
  • Upgraded deluxe dice (16 mm)
  • 5 wild tea ingredient tiles
  • Linen box finish
  • Graphical box lining
  • 3 unique customer tips
  • 3 NEW ability cards
  • Multicolour tea cups
Pre-Order $59
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