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An Immersive Tea Board Game!

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☕️ Chai—Print & Play

Access to the ️Chai print and play! This includes a digital copy of our rulebook and all colour printed boards and cards. This does not come with any physical components, so you'll need to supplement with your own tiles and coins.

If you would like to order the ☕️Chai playmat, colouring book, or metal coins, please select a base game to start your order.

Pre-Order $5
$50 2 claimed

☕️ Chai—Retail Edition

One delightful copy of ️ Chai—Retail Edition! Perfect as a gift to a family member or tea fan, shipping is $5 per extra copy of the Retail or Deluxe Edition.

Pre-Order $50
$59 116 claimed

☕️Chai—Deluxe Edition

One quali-tea copy of the Kickstarter Exclusive ☕️ Chai—Deluxe Edition!

Unique features to the deluxe include:

  • 30 metal coins
  • GameTrayz™ deluxe insert
  • Metal 1st player token
  • 2 dice for AI solo variant
  • 10 deluxe exclusive cards
  • 5 deluxe superfan-inspired cards
  • 5 deluxe wild pantry tokens
  • Spot UV box text
  • Upgraded deluxe dice (16 mm)
  • 5 wild tea ingredient tiles
  • Linen box finish
  • Graphical box lining
  • 3 unique customer tips
  • 3 NEW ability cards
  • Multicolour tea cups
Pre-Order $59
$250 5 out of 218 claimed

☕️ Chai—Tea Master Edition

One copy of the Kickstarter Exclusive ☕️ Chai—Tea Master Edition, which features wooden laser cut components and customizable colour options. The ultimate experience!

  • All unlocked Retail & Deluxe stretch goals throughout campaign
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • 40 art prints and a handwritten thank you note from Dan & Connie
  • 2X metal lapel pins
  • Detailed laser cut components

The Tea Master Edition features Baltic birch, fir, rotary mahogany, red oak, and other stunning wood grains. Properly stained and sealed, you're in for a treat!

Pre-Order $250
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