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Hippo Noto was created in the spirit of love.  The entire project is dedicated to our son who left this world too soon, Hippos were his thing.  What you’ll find here is a notebook lovingly designed to keep all your memories, art, musings, or anything that you would like, in one place.  It is truly a Hippo of a notebook!

We use 68GSM Tomoe River paper in all of our Hippo Noto products, this paper provides a fantastic platform for fountain pen ink. Properties like sheen, shading, and shimmer thrive on this paper.

This Kickstarter has brought two new sizes to our line-up, the A5 Standard Hippo Noto which follows the traditional A5 sizing and the B6 Pygmy Hippo which is the younger sibling to our existing Hippos.

We have also added page numbers to the lineup!  Along with colored dots that add a bit of spice to the pages.

In addition to all our updates, which you can check out on our Kickstarter page, we have done some absolutely fantastic collaborations to bring you more inky chic fountain pen friendly products.  Robert Oster has done an exclusive color for us fittingly called Pygmy Purple, Rickshaw Bags has created a special 6-pen Roll for us, and last but certainly not least, Herbert Pen Company has created a limited edition pen for the project that is made with real diamonds!  Check out the entire Hippo Noto ecosystem.

And we can’t forget a late addition to our project, the HippoPADamus, a 68GSM Tomoe River Paper Notepad in A5 size!

All Pre-Orders will ship shortly after the main Kickstarter fulfillment.

Thank you for considering supporting our project :)

$32 10 claimed

B6 Pygmy Hippo Noto

Adopt a B6 Pygmy Hippo Noto and experience the joy of the original in a much more compact profile with more features to love.
Pledge $32
$49 3 claimed

Inky B6 Pygmy Hippo Noto

Get inky with our B6 Pygmy Hippo Noto and Robert Oster Pygmy Purple Ink!
Pledge $49
$59 4 claimed

Inky A5 Hippo Noto Standard Edition

Get inky with our A5 Hippo Noto Standard Edition paired with a bottle of Robert Oster Pygmy Purple Ink!
Pledge $59
$185 Only 25 left

Hippo Noto x Franklin-Christoph Model 66

Limited Edition Franklin-Christoph Model 66 for Hippo Noto!  This pen features a arctic grey body with lavender section.  Comes with SS #6 nib.

Pledge $185

Rickshaw Bags 6-Pen Case

Late Pledge for our Kickstarter Exclusive Rickshaw Bags Pen Roll!

See the original campaign here!

***Please note that we are scheduled to ship these out in October 2019 after Kickstarter fulfillment.  We will be posting periodic updates on Kickstarter, our newsletter, and other social media.

Pledge $49
$345 9 out of 32 claimed

Hippo Noto x Herbert Pen Company Pygmy Invasion Pen!

Limited/Numbered pen made from Diamond Cast Blanks, real diamonds are used to make this beautifully shiny blanks.

You will have your choice of standard steel nibs.

Pledge $345
$43 14 claimed

A5 Hippo Noto Standard Edition

1X A5 Hippo Noto Standard Edition
Pledge $43
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