SlimFold® Sling Pack
A Modern Minimalist Everyday Carry Bag

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Sling Pack- a minimalist bag that combines the best of a messenger and sling into one ultralight package.    

It stands on its own when you set it down...

And provides weatherproof protection that doesn't make it look like you're going hiking...

One feature added based on backer feedback was a reversible shoulder strap... so it can be optimized for carrying on either shoulder.

When we introduced the Slim Pack minimalist backpack, some customers began asking for a single strap bag. But they weren’t sure quite how to describe it. So we focused the conversation on core functionality until some common themes emerged...    

Its footprint is ideal for tablets such as the iPad Pro and iPad Air 11" with Magic Keyboard... or other similarly sized devices. Great for sketchbooks as well if you're analog.

The elasticized pockets are there when you need them and get out of the way when you don’t. 

And a key clip in the front on a tether so you don't need to unhook them. 

Once I had some beta prototypes ready, I shared them with some of those customers who made the first requests...

"I love the fact that the bottom is kind of rubbery and reinforced-And that it stands up."

-Peter L. (beta tester)

"OH MY GOOODNESS, DAVE! You designed my perfect bag!! I've been searching for more than a dozen years and have never quite found what I wanted, but your new bag is IT!!!"

-Kai M. (beta tester)  

By combining these high tech materials with smart construction techniques, the whole bag is 12 oz. About half the weight of comparable bags. 

The strap attachment points also have removable clips, so the direction can be reversed. This allows for optimal operation on either shoulder.


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