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Dark secrets, mental illness and horrific cravings in a series that wears its heart on its sleeve... and down the front of its shirt.

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Undad is more than just another zombie story. It's the story of one man who struggles to keep his own darker nature at bay and his family together, while being (literally) dead inside.

The original Undad graphic novel miniseries was shortlisted in the 2015 Australian Shadows Awards and was highly commended in the 2016 ACT Writing and Publishing Awards (the first graphic novel ever to receive that accolade). 

It's also the most popular of my published work and has struck a chord with readers, who praise its fresh and character-focused take on what many see as a tired genre, and appreciate its use of monster metaphors to represent the challenges of depression, shame, compulsive behaviour, and the trials of juggling those issues against the daily demands of family life.

The trilogy - which includes the brand new Undad Volume Three - launched on Kickstarter in May 2019, and raised nearly $5000. 

By ordering your copy of the Undad trilogy here through CrowdOx, you will:

  • have access to the same discounts and perks as Kickstarter backers;
  • be covered by our money-back guarantee;
  • receive free worldwide shipping on your pledge;
  • have the option to pay via Paypal or Stripe;
  • receive all the backer bonuses unlocked in the campaign (see below); and
  • help us progress towards our stretch goals, which means even more bonuses for you!

Here's a short preview scene from Chapter 2, in which the recently undead Brett wrestles with the concept of life after death.

And another brief preview: this one's from Chapter 3, when Brett attempts to gain control of his cravings. 

I want you to be able to back this project with confidence, and I'm committed to delivering a high-quality product to you. And to back that commitment up, I'm offering a money-back guarantee. 

If I haven't met your expectations, or you're not satisfied with what you've gotten, I'll do what I can to resolve the issue. And if I can't, simply return your reward to me, and I'll refund your pledge amount. 

Backer bonuses already unlocked:

  • Set of 4 Undad digital prints (all backers);
  • The Lesser Evil (all backers); 
  • Peaceful Tomorrows (all backers); 
  • The Game (all backers);
  • The first 110 pages of Triumviratus (all backers); 
  • The Ties That Bind ($29+ backers);
  • Additional likenesses in Undad Vol 3 ($199+ backers);and
  • many more announcements still to come as we raise more funds!

The Undad trilogy Crowdox campaign offers a huge number of exciting and exclusive perks.

  • A long-awaited continuation. Fans of the Undad series have been waiting years for Undad Volume Three. And now, thanks to your support, it's finally happening. 
  • A high-quality product. Undad Volume Three is a large, full-colour book put together by some of the sharpest minds in comics today. And the specialised matte covers feel amazing.
  • A brilliant writing team consisting of Katie Walsh-Smith, Miranda Richardson, Big Tim Stiles, Ryan K Lindsay, and yours truly.
  • An amazing art team consisting of Diego and Andrea Lopez Mata, Joseph Canave, Team Diaverik, Dima Derzhavin, Deborah Carita Holland, Paul Schultz, Karissa Moloney, Matias Lazaro, Anna Foubert, Mitchell Collins, Simon Robins, Anthony Salinas, and yours truly.
  • Value for money. With a range of digital and hardcopy bundles on offer, catering for all budgets, collecting the Undad series will never be cheaper than it is under this campaign.
  • Exclusive content. All backers at all pledge levels a whole slew of exclusive bonuses. And higher tiers have access to a huge amount of content, some of which has never been released before. Other perks on offer include signed bookplates, which can't be obtained any other way.
  • Get behind the scenes with scripts, concept art, adaptations, correspondence, grant applications, and much, much more!
  • Live forever. Get your likeness into Undad Volume Three and live your very best unlife as  a fictional character in the book.
  • Extra bonuses. My superfans (new and old alike) will receive some additional exclusive high-value content, not available by any other means.
  • No risk to you. I'm a six-time Kickstarter creator, and have a tonne of fulfilment experience (literally a tonne - over a million pages worth, in fact!). In addition, I'm offering a guarantee that you will receive what you pledged for, or you'll get your money back.
  • Free worldwide shipping!

Thank you very much for checking out this campaign to bring the entire Undad trilogy to print. I'm incredibly excited to bring these books to you, and am more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Dad and Loving It

A digital version of Undad Vol 3 (PDF), and your name included on a special DEADication page of Undad Vol 3.
Pre-Order $9 AUD
$19 AUD

Wanted Dad or Alive

The entire Undad trilogy in PDF format, as well as a digital copy of the unpublished Undad journal!
Pre-Order $19 AUD
$29 AUD

Braaaaaaaaaain food

PDFs of Undad Vol 1, Vol 2, and Vol 3, the Undad journal, and a huge range of behind-the-scenes content, including scripts, concept art, and much more.
Pre-Order $29 AUD
$39 AUD 1 claimed

Grave New World

A paperback copy of Undad Vol 3, and all the digital rewards from the $29 Braaaaaaaain Food tier.
Pre-Order $39 AUD
$54 AUD

Deaddy Issues

For folks who already have one book from the Undad series, but want to complete their collection! (The default inclusions for this tier are Vol 2 and Vol 3, but you can swap if needed). Includes all the digital rewards from the $29 Braaaaaaaain Food tier.
Pre-Order $54 AUD
$69 AUD

Zombody to Love

The entire Undad trilogy in paperback and PDF formats!
Pre-Order $69 AUD
$89 AUD

Fortune Favours the Grave

For retailers, libraries, book clubs, and collectives! This tier gets you 5x copies of Undad Volume Three, including postage to anywhere in the world!
Pre-Order $89 AUD
$149 AUD


For retailers, libraries, book clubs, and collectives! This tier gets you 3x copies of Undad Vole One, 3x copies of Undad Volume Two, and 3x copies of Undad Volume Three, including postage to anywhere in the world!
Pre-Order $149 AUD
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