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Welcome the the Tidashi 2.0 order page.

As you can see, this "shop" looks a bit different from your average online store. We wanted to give you the same options and experience we gave our crowdfunding backers, so we are using this crowdfunding survey tool to take your order. Apologies for a few extra clicks here and there, the check-out process will be made more streamlined in the next few months.

Tidashi is a titanium cutting tool inspired by traditional Japanese crafting knives, Kiridashi-Kogatana. Securely held in its silicone sheath, it can be carried with you to fulfill every day cutting needs. it is available in a range of vibrant anodized colors.

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Tidashi 2.0

In the next step of the check-out process, you will be able to further personalize your Tidashi by selecting your desired anodized color finish. You will also be able to add additional Tidashis to your order and acquire extra sheaths, as well as some other interesting add-ons.

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