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Your Adventure Buddies

Life in the outdoors feels better in light-weight, comfy, and scramble-worthy sandals. Introducing Rhamani, your ultimate adventure buddies. 

For Rhamani, we reimagined the flip flop and sport sandal and invented a totally new multi-functional, multi-funable sandal. Convert to a slide when you're kicking back, or lock down control for a stream crossing. It's four sandals in one.

And wow, you won't believe how light they are.

The contoured footbed is made, in part, with algae harvested from ecosystem choking algae blooms that pollute bays and harbors. We also eliminated laminates and extra layers in the footbed design, so we don't use any toxic glues or solvents. The simple laminate-free design is a third the weight of other sandals and makes all adjustments easy and fast.

Configure your Rhamanis on the fly to your adventure dreams. Easily go from full sports-sandal to camp slide; from barefoot toe-loop to socks-compatible; and get the fit just right every time.  Or personalize your colors in ways never before possible. Just lace up with a new color.

Make Rhamani a Reality and Start Enjoying Your Adventures

We're looking for upwards of 1000 backers to sink their feet into the Rhamani cloud like feel. We know you're gonna want some and we can't bring Rhamani Sandals to market without a successful Indiegogo campaign. We need your help to make this happen and to go into full production.

With more than 20 years of footwear design and manufacturing experience, we know how to build an insanely comfy sandal. In fact, we designed and created the original Montrail Molokai, a custom moldable flipflop. At Rhamani, we made and tested lots of prototypes, and we've really dialed in the feel and perfected the strap system. We've been wearing them non-stop and love them. We think you'll love them too.

Support our campaign to get one of the very first pairs of Rhamani's, plus a second pair of straps for free, all at a discount! You'll get an amazing pair of sandals, plus your contribution will help launch a new and innovative sandal brand.

Risks & Challenges

Bringing a footwear product to market is inherently challenging and includes many, many details that need to be just right. No one wants to support a half-assed campaign. And no one wants to wear crap on their feet! We know that. We've guided the design, manufacture, and logistics for many running shoes and sandals for five different brands, so we know what it takes to deliver a truly great sandal. Now we're ready to do this for our own brand--Rhamani Sandals.

Given our experience, the relationships we've set up, and the samples we've made, we have high confidence we can deliver Rhamani Sandals on time and exactly as promised.

We've been working on the unique removable-strap design and fit for almost two years. The product testing has been rigorous, and the final product shows off the thought and hard work that's gone into it. We're ready for production.

Our Biggest Challenge?

Getting the word out about Rhamani. Help us spread the excitement by telling your friends. Shout it from the mountain tops! And from your social media posts! It's a crowded marketplace, but you can make a huge difference. Thank you!

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Personal Thank You + Future Discount

Get a handwritten thank you card for supporting the Rhamani Sandal campaign. The note will include a discount code for a future Rhamani Sandal purchase.
Get your eco-awesome order in now! $25
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1 pair Rhamani Sandals

1 pair Rhamani Sandals, your ultimate adventure buddies. 

  • Ultra light-weight
  • Easily configured to your activity 
  • Personalize with strap color combos
  • Eco-awesome
Get your eco-awesome order in now! $59
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