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Footloose ▪ Pre-Order Special

Retail Value $499 | Save $150 | 30% OFF

Get the very first auto cat potty with a health tracker before anyone else. At the exclusive pre-order price that's not available to retail, you'll help us navigate through the production of Footloose. We'll personally check each unit of the CrowdOx orders to ensure that you're paid back with the highest possible quality that's been taken care by our most elite engineers.

▪ One Footloose Auto Cat Toilet

Pre-Order $349
$598 77 claimed

Footloose ▪ DoubleDown Special

Retail Value $998 | Save $400 | 40% OFF

Your Garfields will thank you for this. Start monitoring your fur-kids' physical conditions in a scientific manner! With gratitude, we're offering early supporters a $400 saving off the expected retail price. And we cordially invite you to become part of the community shaping the future of pet caring! 

▪ Two Footloose Auto Cat Toilets

Pre-Order $598
$822 23 claimed

Footloose ▪ Triple The Love

Retail Value $1,497 | Save $675 | 45% OFF

Cats, Cats, Cats! Viva you cat peeps! Bail yourself out from the litter box cleaning chores with the three-point sanitation system. Each Footloose works independently but together provide synchronized data about your felines. At this special price we save you more so do get some really decent snacks and litter for your full house of cats! GET THREE UNITS AT $274 EACH!!

▪ Three Footloose Auto Cat Toilets

Pre-Order $822
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