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On The Rocks - Retailers Pledge

*****You will select your product in the Extras section of the Survey *****

Retailers verification will be required before confirmation of the order. 

Retailers will have the option to choose from 6 - 12 of On The Rocks. 

Shipping will only be in the US, Canada, China, EU, Australia 

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On The Rocks Print-N-Play

Access to the On The Rocks Print and Play downloadable files.

  • Link to the files will be available once they are completed and provided to the factory. 
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goal Cards
  • All Signature Cards
  • All game components needed to play On The Rocks.

Note: When checking out the system will ask for a location, but shipping will not be charged for Print and Play Files.

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On The Rocks

One physical copy of On The Rocks 

  • Includes access to the Print-n-Play file
  • All unlocked Promos and Stretch Goals
Pledge $45
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