The first fully cooperative 4X fantasy board game

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Shipping to the UK, due to its relationship with the EU, could change. We currently plan to offer UK-friendly shipping and will let you know if that changes.

To guarantee a smooth process, we can only ship to 1 location per backer. We also cannot ship to PO Boxes domestically or internationally. Please be aware that failure to supply shipping information after the pledge manager closes may result in a slower fulfillment and increased shipping costs.

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We are Nemesis.Games: three Dungeon Masters from New York and Berlin, who have spent countless hours playing board games and role-playing games together. We love both genres so much, we decided to bring the best of these two worlds together over the course of the last four years in Uprising | Curse of the Last Emperor.

We also love Crowdfunding. It's an idea so totally counterintuitive to the common business model, where you try to create something as cheaply as possible and then sell it to as many people as possible.

Uprising won’t appeal to the mainstream. Uprising won’t be cheap in production. And we’re fine with that. We want to create the kind of game that we love. That we want to play. And boy have we been playing Uprising, even today, after hundreds of playtests!

Therefore, Kickstarter is our way to go to create something truly unique, and with the highest possible quality across the board. Not for the masses. But for us rebels. And if we’re lucky enough, there are enough people out there who also would love an epic 4X coop! This is our Quest. And if you want to join us, we invite you to come with us on this Uprising!

$79 30 claimed


Includes Uprising Core Box, 8 Heros, 4 Factions, and all Unlocks from this campaign. This pledge does not include shipping. 

Pledge $79
$129 148 claimed


Includes Uprising Core Box, the Arch-Nemesis Expansion, 16 Heros, 8 Factions, and all Unlocks from this campaign. This pledge does not include shipping. 

Pledge $129
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