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Late Pledges will open June 30th!

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This pledge level is for backers in France: they can pay 50% of the pledge upfront, during the campaign, and the second half (50%) will be paid directly to the shop, when getting their pledge. Even though Champollion backers only pay 50% of their pledge now, we will include 100% of their pledge in the end of the campaign to help unlock more stretch goals.

Pour les backers : Choisissez de recevoir votre pledge en boutique sans frais de livraison !

  • Rapprochez-vous de votre boutique pour qu’elle commande Kemet lors de sa mise Ă  disponibilitĂ© pour les backers.
  • Payez 50% du prix de votre pledge maintenant via votre pledge et KS, et 50% auprès votre boutique Ă  la rĂ©ception.
  • N’oubliez pas d’indiquer le nom de votre boutique partenaire lorsque vous remplirez le pledge manager.

Que faire si ma boutique ne peut pas tenir ses engagements ? Vous pouvez contacter directement Matagot, qui vous enverra votre pledge après rĂ©ception du paiement des 50% restant et des frais de livraison.

This is a retailer pledge. Contact us through the link to discuss conditions based on your particular enquire. Proof of eligibility will be collected via a retailer survey upon completion of the campaign and will need to be submitted before receiving and finalizing your pledge manager.

In the fantasy world of Kemet: Blood and Sand, the Ancient Egypt classic gods are not the only ones to be worshiped. Darker and scarier gods are the focus of unholy cults: the great Cthulhu is worshiped on the Nile shores, whereas the name of Nyarlathotep, the Black Pharaoh, is whispered in the far desert.

You'll find a new kind of Power tiles with miniatures : the Great Old Ones. They are the tallest miniatures in the game.

(Re)discover Kemet’s epic universe with Kemet: Blood and Sand, the newest edition of the multi-award winning game, Kemet! Kemet: Blood and Sand will immerse you in an unrivaled gaming experience, even better than the original!

Kemet is back with streamlined and upgraded gameplay based on hundreds of hours of testing, solid development from our expert team and your valuable feedback.  Since it was released in 2012 Kemet has been a favourite with the board game community. While working on version 1.5 with the community, we were excited to see the incredible interest in this amazing game. It was time for Kemet: Blood and Sand! 

In Kemet: Blood and Sand, you play one of the Egyptian gods, aiming to stamp your dominance on the parched land. Build pyramids, combine godly powers  to create powerful asymmetric combinations and lead your followers in glorious battles. But, be careful - only deep strategic planning and swift tactics will lead you toward victory!

Fore more info on the new features, click HERE.

➡️ You can read and download the rules in French 🇫🇷here.

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Shipping fees are for the listed pledge items only. Optional buys not included. Add-ons can cause your fees to increase.

  •  To support a project you love: Because you want to support Matagot and help us make a game you love come to life! That should always be the first reason.
  •  Not to worry about the game’s availability: By supporting the the game on Kickstarter, you also don't have to worry about the availability
  •  Great Savings! By backing, you benefit from savings that are unique to this Kickstarter. For example, our standard pledge, including the base game and all the unlocked stretch goals has a MSRP of 130€. You’ll get it for 69€. If you add the delivery costs, our French or US backers will save almost 36% by backing the game.
  •  More bang for our gamer’s bucks: By backing Kemet: Blood and Sand through this campaign, you will receive - at no extra cost - all unlocked stretch goals and social stretch goals.
  • A labour of love: Countless hours have gone into the design and development of this game to ensure a balanced and enjoyable new experience.
  •  Component quality: The utmost thought and care were taken with regard to the theme and source material for the game.
  • And if you still wonder why Matagot is launching Kemet: Blood and Sand on Kickstarter, here’s why!

Risks and challenges

Even though this is the first Kickstarter for the Matagot team (#Matagang), Matagot is a well-established publisher and has been making games for more than 15 years. Our all team know how to develop and produce a game. However, even though we have been working on this project for quite a while now, we know that each new project comes with its very own bundle of risk and unexpected events. Whether it’s about production, delivery or anything else, unfortunately there are certain parts of the process we can’t control. The Matagot team is prepared for them, and is always willing to find the best solutions to solve every issue that can come through our way to bring you awesome games! So thank you for your support, patience and your positive energy! #Communication For our communication about Kemet: Blood and Sand, we will use different channels: - our social media: this is the right place to start a conversation - a very new newsletter: we give a go to our Matagot newsletter. It’s a first for us! - BGG forums: an important part of the Matagot team browse the forums on BGG, and try to answer you! - Tric Trac: for our French community. Nous sommes présents sur les forums pour rester proche de notre communauté francophone, qui a toujours soutenu Kemet et a contribué à son succès depuis le début. - updates here: for our Kickstarter projects, we mainly give you information through campaign updates. In this regular newswire, we try to give you as much information as possible, depending on the timing. During & after the campaign, we regularly update with information on the game, campaign progression, stretch goals unlocked and we provide info on the next steps.We also use updates to answer you when a lot of you have the same question. After you and all the backers have received your games, we remain available for your comments and questions. We will answer your tickets here: #WIP By pledging to this project, you acknowledge that the final look, materials and content of Kemet:Blood and Sand, stretch goals and add-ons, are subject to change and may differ from what is presented on the Kickstarter project page. #Refund policy We can totally refund you if the request is made within 14 days of the end of the campaign. After this delay: - "no reward" pledges will not be refunded, - all requests for a refund, if accepted by us, will be subject to a 10% cancellation fee, which represent the Kickstarter fees, our work and payment processing fees. We won’t proceed for any refund after production is complete (scheduled for March 2021). Please note that if you do not complete the pledge manager by our required deadline, you will not be eligible for a refund for any reason. Pledge manager is open for a long-enough time for you to complete it, and you’ll be sent several reminders for that.

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Traders of the Nile

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This pledge is for retailer only. This is a deposit which gives you access to a separate pledge manager. If you pledge this tier and we are unable to verify you as a retailer, the deposit will not be refunded. 

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