Dates: An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction, Volume 3

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Dates is an award-winning anthology of queer historical fiction, full of happy queer stories from all over the world and and throughout the course of human history. The Kickstarter for the third volume is already over... but you can still preorder a copy right through here!

Volume 3 of Dates follows the same basic rules as our other volumes:

  • All stories are set before 1965
  • All the main characters are queer 
  • And there are no tragic endings 

And this volume? This volume is about adventure

This time around you’ll follow queer characters from across the globe on thrilling train chases, down dark alleys, and across rough terrain! Our contributors have created 21 comics, 23 illustrations, and 3 short prose stories full of excitement, anticipation, and, yes, romance to form one incredible 300+ page volume, complete with black-and-white interiors and full-color illustrations. And, just like our previous volumes, none of the stories have mature content and are totally suitable for pre-teen readers.

Interested? Check out the sidebar (or read on below) for all the great bundles of Margins Publishing stuff you can get alongside Dates 3 through this page! Once you've selected your bundle, you'll be able to flip through Margins' complete catalogue and add on specific items if you so desire.

Thanks so much for reading. Now plant your feet, keep your eyes up, and get ready for adventure!

We’ve gathered an incredible crew for Dates 3, including a few familiar talents and a ton of fresh faces! Zora Gilbert and Cat Parra are still on as organizers and editors, and we couldn’t be more proud of the work our amazing crew has done. In Volume 3, we’ve got:

Comics by:

Illustrations by:

Short Stories by:

With a cover by the ever-illustrious Erica Chan, a bonus comic by Cat Parra & Erica Chan, and a Kickstarter-exclusive postcard set by Margins alumni Ayanna Johnson, Dante Luiz, Grace Park, Imas Esther, Ingram, Noella Whitney, and Val Wise.

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THE PDF! You get the full, DRM-free PDF of DATES 3.

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THE DIGITAL BONUS COLLECTION! You get the PDF and digital copies of the DATES 3 bonus postcards and 26-page bonus comic!

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THE BOOK! You get the PDF and a real, physical copy of DATES 3!

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THE DIGITAL CATCH-UP BUNDLE! You get PDFs of DATES 1, DATES 2, and DATES 3, and the digital DATES 3 bonus collection!

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BOOK & BONUS! You get DATES 3 paperback & PDF, the postcard set, and the bonus comic!

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DOUBLE UP! Get the PDF, the paperback, the bonus postcards, the bonus comic AND an extra copy of the book for your favorite adventuring partner!
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THE RETAILER LEVEL!Five copies of DATES 3 at wholesale value. This tier is for retailers and libraries only, please!
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THE PHYSICAL CATCH-UP BUNDLE! Get PDFs and physical copies of all three DATES volumes, the postcard set, and the bonus comic!

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THE FULL COLLECTION! You get everything Margins has ever done! PDFs and paperbacks of DATES 1, 2, and 3; the postcard set; the bonus comic; the full set of QUEER LOOKS merch; and VAMPIRE EMMY AND THE GARBAGE GIRL!

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