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 Livsnjutare (n.) Swedish - One who loves life deeply; an enjoyer of life.

 We are a small team of apparel designers who spend our time outdoors. We set out to design outdoor clothing that actually fits and looks just as good on the street as it does on the trail. We want to buy less, take care of what we own, and spend more time outside. We create durable outdoor clothing for people who value experiences more than stuff. 

We want you to buy our clothing with peace of mind, and we want to keep it out of the landfill, so we are offering what we consider a "Fair Deal Guarantee."      


Named for the fabrics used, the Hi-Wool is one part comfy blanket and one part technical outerwear. We designed this with all the details we look for in our fleeces but can't find in one place. Breathability, warmth, anti-odor, high hip pockets to allow for backpack hip belts, TWO ventilated chest pockets instead of the usual one, YKK zippers, ergonomic zipper pulls, seamless underarms, two big internal elastic dump pockets, and integrated thumb holes. 

What sets this fleece apart, however, is its new and innovative use of Polartec Powerwool on the panels, cuffs, hem, and neck. This fabric is truly incredible. Merino wool's natural antimicrobial properties keep your jacket from getting stinky after hard use. It's soft and smooth on the outer facing to resist pilling, fuzzy and warm on the inner facing to keep you cozy, and has massive amounts of stretch to increase mobility. This is a fleece you can put on and totally forget you're wearing it, with no restrictions to movement at all.

The body uses super soft Polartec High Loft, a 72% recycled content high-pile grid fleece with an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. This top-of-the-line fleece breathes well, regulates body temperature, insulates when it's wet, and dries quickly. 


   https://...      Body:   Panels:  




The perfect mid-weight active pant. Our Flex Canvas is a durable mid-weight cotton/polyester blend fabric with 2% spandex to allow free range of motion. It has a distinctive cotton canvas look and feel, like your favorite workpants, with a polyester content that serves to strengthen the fabric, wick sweat, and dry much faster than a fully cotton pant. 

The best part is that unlike full synthetic pants that never drape right, these "lie" like normal pants because of the cotton content. They crease at the hips, drape nicely, and generally look good after being worn. To add a cherry on top, they're incredibly soft and compliant. Softer than we ever expected when we chose the fabric.

We've integrated useful features without calling attention to them, including: Zippered security rear pockets, hidden security pocket in front left, gusseted crotch, articulated knees, discrete knife pocket, roll-up leg system with reflective taping, ventilated pockets, mesh lined seat, and reinforcements at all stress points.


  • Fabric content: 58% Cotton | 40% Polyester | 2% Spandex
  • Fabric weight: 248 gsm (7.3 oz)
  • Sizes: 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 38
  • Slim tapered leg

   https://...      https://...          https://...     In general, we've designed our clothes to have a trim and modern fit, but not skinny. We've sized "true to size". What this means is you should be able to order your normal size and be very happy. See below for details on each piece, as well as a sizing chart.

Hi-Wool Fleece

We added some length to the sleeves and hem length of the fleece to allow for people to size according to how they want it to fit. Size down one for a slimmer fit or order your normal size for a slightly roomier feel (with the peace of mind of knowing the sleeves will still be long enough either way).

Flex Canvas Pants

These skew towards the slimmer end of the spectrum. Waist size runs true to industry standards (see size chart for measurements). Fitted for athletic and slim figures and tapered from the knee down for a clean, modern look. See sizing chart for inseam length by waist size.  Compare yourself to Alex to get a sense of fit. Alex is 5'9" and 160 pounds. He's wearing a size medium Hi-Wool Fleece and size 31 Flex Canvas Pants.   


The name LIVSN comes from the Swedish word "livsnjutare," which roughly translates to "one who loves life deeply; an enjoyer of life." This journey started with a mission to simplify our belongings. With less to manage there's more time in the day, and with more time comes flexibility. We know we won't regret more time outside - or with friends - or with family. We believe clothing should perform well, look good, be ethically made, be environmentally friendly - and it should last. We want to own fewer, well-built things, and repair before replacing.We're not out to make the "best" shirt or the "most advanced" jacket in the world. We're not fans of hyperbolic statements in general. We make good clothing, we make it with tried and true methods, and we make it with high quality fabrics.    


One of our main beliefs at LIVSN is that a product that performs well and stands up to extended use is as sustainable as it gets. By buying once and with intention, we're able to consume less. We're designing our products so that when life happens and they inevitably fail, they can be repaired.


Our way of approaching sustainable style is to use classic silhouettes, refined and tested materials, and clean, modern fits. We want you as the wearer to feel special, but not to call attention to it. What we want is for you to be able to wear LIVSN clothing to the trail, to the pub, or to the (casual) office and not look out of place. When we use technical fabrics and construction, we work to hide those details in a casual look.   


We choose our fabrics because they were the best available for the job, trying to source organic and recycled when we can. Some pieces here don't utilize recycled or organic materials because we aren't able to hit the scale needed, but we promise we will switch to recycled and organic as soon as we're able.  


We hope to come out in the end with something unique, but also familiar. A refined collection dedicated to the highest standards of craftsmanship and mindfulness. We hope you share our values and will help us in our journey to keep what matters.  

I was raised in the Ozark Mountains, spending as much time as possible outside. Not much has changed since then in that regard. I enjoy mountain biking, canoeing, and backcountry camping, but also spend time fly fishing, climbing, and kayaking when I can.

Why can I do this? I spent most of my professional career working at an apparel company. I started out shipping and receiving items, and worked my way up to be the CEO of the company over the course of five years. Through this process, I learned about fulfillment, product development, e-commerce, overseas production, and how to make timelines. 

I've paired my designs and knowledge with the expert guidance of WERX Design. WERX is a design, sourcing, and production management firm out of Colorado with experience bringing products to market for First Ascent, Spyder, Oakley, Under Armour, and many more.

With your support, we have the team to get this done!  


Vinyl Car Decal

A high quality vinyl transfer sticker for your car, kayak, or whiskey tumbler.
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$71 Only 11 left

Flex Canvas Pants

One pair of Flex Canvas pants ($89 value). Shipped in our first batch. To order more than one, simply multiply the pledge by the number you want and edit your pledge total.
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Early Bird: Hi Wool Fleece

One Hi-Wool Fleece ($189 value). Shipped in our first batch. To order more than one, simply multiply the pledge by the number you want and edit your pledge total.
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Early Bird - Fleece & Pants

One pair of Flex Canvas pants AND one Hi-Wool Fleece ($278 value). Shipped in our first batch. To order more than one, simply multiply the pledge by the number you want and edit your pledge total.
Pledge $222
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