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Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game is an epic adventure game set in the world of Rivellon. Up to 4 players take their heroes on a branching, narrative adventure, filled with tactical combat and meaningful choices. Thanks to the Chronicle System, the choices you make will impact not just your own story, but the future of the Divinity Original Sin universe. Based on the award-winning Divinity Original Sin II video game by Larian Studios, the board game developed by Lynnvander Studios expands Divinity in new directions, adding new stories, side quests, skills, items, and monsters, all in a brand new tabletop experience.   

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Divinity Original Sin: Standard Edition

You will receive a copy of Divinity Original Sin the Board Game as well as any unlocked Stretch Goals.
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Divinity Original Sin: Extended Edition

You will receive a copy of Divinity the Board Game including all Stretch Goals. In addition, you'll receive everything in the Premium Edition pledge tier, and you will also receive both Side Quest Boxes.
Pre-order your copy today! $220
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