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From the mind of John Clowdus (The Omen Saga, Mezo), Kolossal Games is proud to present this remastered collection of three titles originally published by Small Box Games. The three featured games in the Clowdus Collection are the first in a series that we are excited to bring to a wider audience. All three games in this collection are thoughtful, approachable, fast-playing, and cleverly designed. 

Merchants of Muziris, is a fast and fun game of set collection for 2-4 players set in the lost port city of Muziris.

Neolithic, is a head to head micro civilization building game featuring card-based worker placement set in man’s earliest cultural origin. 

KEEP,  is an innovative take on card drafting, set in medieval times, and plays 2-5 players in 30 minutes or less!

Add the full Clowdus Collection of three games to your shelves for a special Kickstarter bundled price!

Merchants of Mizuris Rule Book

Learn all about Merchants of Muziris by checking out the rule book, using the link above,


Take a look at the rules for Neolithic, including components for the included Advanced Cultures expansion, and rules for the solo variant.

 Keep Rule Book

Take a look at how KEEP plays by clicking on the rule book link above.

 Everything Above, All Three Games In One Great Bundle!

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Merchants of Muziris


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Gaming With Edo

  •  The Clowdus Collection is the 3rd Mikro campaign from Kolossal Games and the 11th overall campaign from Kolossal Games. Kolossal Games hit the ground running a year ago, armed with the  knowledge of industry best practices, experienced partners, and wonderful games. We have successfully fulfilled our first games and funded each Kickstarter we have launched. We believe in open and honest communication and will share all info as we receive it with our  backers. 
  • Each game in the Clowdus Collection are originally designed and released by John Clowdus (Omen Saga, Mezo) of Small Box Games. Our Mikro line of games, are smaller box games that pack a punch. Each game in this collection has a unique feel and flavor and we believe have a place on every shelf.
  • Our team is led and supported by industry and marketing experts.  We have a machine that works, fueled by amazing games that are designed,  developed, and illustrated by incredibly talented people. The game is  easy to learn while providing interesting, diverse, and tense game play  each game, combining familiar mechanisms in a unique, new way.  
  •  Kolossal does not sell to online discounters. Backers will receive all of our games at a lower cost and before the retail release of the game in their region.
  • By backing at ANY pledge level through our campaign, you will receive, at no extra cost, the Upgrade Pack expansion. This expansion will be comprised of stretch goals unlocked throughout the campaign and will only be available directly through Kolossal (at a cost) after the campaign in limited quantities. This expansion will only be overprinted by 500 units for the initial release of the game. 
  • Thank you for being part of the team that helps us bring great new games to the hobby!

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