Mystery Dice, the Late Pledge
A beautiful box of Mystery Dice arrives at your door... but what's in it!?

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Mystery Dice Late Pledge

Welcome to the Mystery Dice the Kickstarter late pledge system!
Here you will choose 7-die Sets, 11-die Sets, Weird Stuff, and/or d2s!

How's it work?

You pledge for dice sets at an immense discount, and we make and ship them to you as a "Mystery Set".  Meaning we don't tell you what you're getting, you find out ...when you open the box!

Endless surprises await as every set you add to your pledge is guaranteed to be unique, with no repeats unless you ask for them.  It's going to be an unboxing experience like no other!

Find all the original details here: 

Order with confidence with our No Duplicates Guarantee: we guarantee every Set received will be unique!

FREE Sun & Moon d2 gift with every order as my personal thank you.

Have fun!

Estimated Ship Date: November 2020

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