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520 Carat Jewel ICE: Amazingly CLEAR, DENSE & BEAUTIFUL

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Jewel Ice is the simplest way to make clean and crystal clear slow-melting diamond-shaped & cool-chilling, scented or decorated ice for your drinks.

Add a Cold Touch of Class to Your Glass with Jewel Ice.

Our specially-designed ice mold keeps your beverages cold without diluting the taste, ensuring that you can enjoy every icy sip from whiskies to coffee. Jewel Ice was expertly created to provide you with the best drinking experience possible by adding 530 Carats of diamond ice into your drink! 

Clear Ice Melts Slower & Keeps Drinks Chilled Longer 

Are you tired of spending your money on high quality whiskey, gin, tequila and other spirits, only to have the exquisite flavor begin to fade once it is poured on the rocks?

While normal ice cubes melt quickly once inside your drink, immediately watering down the beverage and minimizing its flavor, Jewel Ice ensures that the liquid is instantly cooled yet the taste lasts as long as possible. With a masterfully crafted mold that offers a variety of brilliant shapes that add a dynamic element to every glass, keeping your drinks cool has never looked so good!

Have your drinks STAND OUT against the crowd. Show everyone your natural appeal through the beauty of your drink.

 Command attention and respect with a drink that states your seriousness. Show your date, business partner, wife, husband, or friends that you mean serious business. 

Demonstrate your affection for timeless classiness, with a drink that can keep up with you all night. Decorate your creations with herbs, sprigs, plants, fruits, and more, shouting to the world that you are the center of attention – without even trying!

Why settle for second best? We assume that your current ice is cloudy, often poor-tasting ice cubes are our only options. By settling for that mentality, this is what we are subjecting our drinking experience to:

  1. Poor Hygiene: Do you know what ice cube trays are made of? When we create cubes in plastic structures that were made with harmful chemicals and even parabens, we are exposing our body to unsafe preservatives. Not to mention, depending the structure of our freezer, we are using freezer burned cubes that will alter the final taste of our drink.

2. Diluted Composition: Made with air pockets and no density, present ice cubes melt at a quick pace, diluting your drink before you even have a chance to finish it. Although you want it to remain cold, no one wants their drink to be watered down.

3 Taste Changes: When new compounds are added to an existing compound, the taste changes. As more water is poured into your drink, its taste experience is fundamentally altered. Who likes watery $50 whiskey?

4. Excess CO2 (Carbon Dioxide): As the carbonated beverage reacts with the loose, air-filled ice cubes, it creates excess fizz, which makes the drink unpleasant. With our dense Jewel Ice, no CO2 reaction occurs, keeping all carbonation contained in the initial drink and properly chilled to your liking.

5. Before Jewel Ice, this was the only way to make such beautiful ices. :) Well... We changed that, and here is how:

 While typical ice cubes are made in a tray that is exposed to all the bacteria and additional flavors that are in your freezer, the Jewel Ice uses a protective silicone mold that prevents the ice from being tainted by any outside substances. Here is how it works:

 The upper section of the mold is specifically created to freeze first, which blocks outside odors and unsanitary particles which can become attached to the ice. This keeps the ice clean from bacteria and from flavors, such as fish, which can add an unsavory taste.

 Perfect for a Wide Range of Drinks

No matter what type of drink you fancy, JewelIce is the perfect solution to keep it as cold as possible without sacrificing any taste. Especially useful for top shelf spirits, the large ice shapes maintain the integrity of liqueur so that you do not miss out on a drop of flavor.

However, the JewelIce is useful for far more than just whiskey! Iced coffees, sodas, mineral water, mixed drinks and even wine can be kept cool with the long-lasting ice that keeps beverages fresh for extended periods of time, no matter the environment.

We’ve made Jewel Ice a simple three-stage process that’s as easy as 1-2-3. We know you’re on-the-go, which is why we want you to enjoy your Jewel Ice every single night, when you want it.

1. Simply grab your Jewel Ice maker/chamber. We’ve created our chambers with special ice freezing technology that will create dense results without you having to do a thing.

2. Fill it with water. It can be any kind of water tap or bottled.

3. Grab the ever-popular diamond molds and submerge it into the chamber. Close the chamber and put it into the freeze.



Have your drinks STAND OUT against the crowd. Show everyone your natural appeal through the beauty of your drink.

Our kit is compatible with all commercial freezer sizes and shapes, only requiring a small amount of room to sit on the shelf and create the world’s most beautiful ice. We want you to be able to pack it up and bring it with you on the road as well, which is why its specifications have been carefully factory tested and made compatible with your freezer structure. 

Jewel Ice was created to not only enhance the taste of your drink, but to enhance its overall appearance as well. We believe that good taste and good looks don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Jewel Ice guarantees the perfect piece of ice every time, allowing you to enjoy everything from whiskey to soda to coffee as it was originally intended.

Thank You

Before we were Team Jewel Ice, or crowd-funders, we were just another whiskey drinkers. We hated how quick the conventional ice cubes dilutes our drinks.

Coke gets dull fast; Johnnie walker blue ($200+) gets watery so fast. What a waste we thought.

So, We created the World's Best ICE MAKER - Jewel Ice. Simply put, 520 carats of Diamond Ice cool-chill your drinks like magic. Not just the shape, it's the most hygienic way to make the dense, slow melting ice.

We love it, and You will love it, too. :)

These products are the culmination of 3 years of ice maker construction and material research, extensive prototyping and testing, carefully honed designed philosophies, and many lifetimes of melting ices around the world. Enjoy 'em, and thank you for your support.

Crowdfunding allows us to design without compromise and run a company that we are proud to work for. We owe our existence to our backers, who help us design the most thoughtful carry solutions on the planet. We imagine a world where for-profit companies treat their employees, partners, customers, and communities as peers, and where quality of output is not hindered by the need to squeeze out maximum profit. Your support helps us to realize that goal. 

Thank you, again.

- The Jewel Ice Team


One Jewel Ice Kit

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Jewel Ice Experience

  • One Jewel Ice Maker
  • 3 Ice Molds (Diamond, Spherical Diamond, & Topaz)
Pledge $79
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