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City Builder: Ancient World (~$30USD / ~€27)

1 copy of City Builder: Ancient World  (MSRP $55)

Upgrade for a 2nd copy and you will receive FREE or reduced shipping!

Pledge $42 CAD
$84 CAD

TWO copies of City Builder: Ancient World

Save on the MSRP of $110 CAD

TWO copy of City Builder: Ancient World

As per the Kickstarter details each Zone has the following cost added as "shipping" within CrowdOx:

  • Zone 1 - $0
  • Zone 2 - $6 
  • Rest of the World - $10
Pledge $84 CAD
$140 CAD

- Retailer Pledge -

(~$100USD / ~€91) If you're a verified brick and mortar game store, we'll offer you customized pledge options on our full catalogue after the campaign closes. This is the only way to receive the exclusives - they will not be available in distribution. And yes, you will receive the same versions as the backers, including all unlocked stretch goals. This is a deposit that will go towards your order - the full amount will be charge prior to shipping. 

Pledge $140 CAD
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