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Snow Cones scream summer and every year more and more new flavors appear at our local snow cone stands that pop up.   The perils of 2020 limited our ability to get access to these great summer treats.  Impact wanted to bring everyone a set of dice inspired by some great snow cone flavors along with several sundae themed dice to recall those summer treats!

Our new Snow Cone dice sets are made for both 7 dice set Poly RPG and 14 dice Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) and sparkle like ice crystals in the sun and have the bold colors of Snow Cone treats.

We also included several new swirled color dice reminding us of grabbing a decadent bowl from our favorite marble slab mix-in ice cream shop.    Four colors that show a marbled effect like that from the mixing and one like a flavor burst swirled soft serve!

IMPACT MINIATURES & GOODMAN GAMES team up to bring you 9 new colors for your DCC dice and 5 new DCC Monsters! 

The last time new DCC color sets were released was July 2018 and we think the incredible players of this great game deserve new colors after an over 2 year wait! So Impact and Goodman Games have teamed up to work together to fix this. Together we are releasing 9 new special effect color sets.

In addition to sweeten this release of all these new colors, Goodman Games selected 5 of the 9 colors and created new monsters and is including their background and stats as a 4 page insert in their matching color!

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