War for Indagar
Fast-paced 4x Strategy Game

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Hero, there's still time to purchase a first run printing of War for Indagar! If you purchase your pre-order copy now, you'll also get all unlocked stretch goals. 

We expect to ship in early Summer 2019.

War for Indagar is a fast-paced, 4x strategy game that includes four distinct factions for 2-4 players, along with an engaging AI. Players select powerful heroes to represent their armies, choose unique strategies to tailor their gameplay, and use spells and abilities to gain control over the battlefield and — ultimately — the Spirit Well at its center.    

2-4 Player Mode


Happy Gorilla Game Studio is lead by Neil Gilstrap and Chip Boyd, with artistic support from Simon Valev and Lee Stansbury. Chip and Neil have been heavily involved with tabletop wargaming and strategy gaming for as long as either of them can remember. Together, they formed Happy Gorilla to bring their passion for gaming together with a love for solving problems and designing elegant, creative products. War for Indagar is their second game. 

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War for Indagar - 4x Strategy Game

You'll receive a copy of War for Indagar, a fast-paced 4x strategy game set in the fantasy world of Indagar. You will also receive all unlocked stretch goals.

If you'd like to have a translated version of the game, please see our language translation addons. 

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