Human Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzles
Real Biology, Larger-Than-Life

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3 Deluxe Puzzles (MSRP $75)

You will receive all three anatomy puzzles: The Head, The Thorax, and The Abdomen, but each in their own Deluxe Collector's Edition box.  The high-quality magnetic-closure cover that opens and closes just like the cover of a book will show off the artwork designed to look like a medical textbook. An attractive trilogy to showcase on any bookshelf or coffee table.

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2 Sets of All Deluxe Puzzles (MSRP $150)

You will receive TWO FULL SETS of Deluxe puzzles - two puzzles of The Head, two of The Thorax, and two of The Abdomen, each in their own Deluxe Collector’s Edition box.  Give one as a gift for that science nerd you know, or go in with a friend to save!

Pre-Order $110
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