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We can BEARly believe it’s here! Tales of BarBEARia, our new game in the BarBEARian Battlegrounds line, is an incredible standalone game. Building on the brawny shoulders of its predecessor, this standalone game adds even more depth to the cute, but stabby game play. Tales of BarBEARia offers more strategy with the new Adventure Phase. Bears brave enough to venture from the village to go explore allow another path to victory while those who prefer to stay cozy near their cave can use new Market cards to add more choices during Build. Do you think URSINE is telling you to Brawl? Look at the choices in the Mercenary, Fate and Empower decks to help you!

While Villages may battle it out to be top bear, they must be prepared for a new nemesis, the candy horde! To avoid a sticky situation, and stay on the PAWsitive side of danger, heroes from each village will rise to test their mettle! The BEARy best in skill, these heroes will have specialty cards and dice to show off their abilities when you roll at the start of each round. Tread carefully adventuring; if you go out in the woods today you’re sure for a big surprise. (It’s not just a picnic basket, it’s the horde!)

BeCLAWs we want you to see it for yourself, here’s a link to the WIP rule book! 

For details about our retailer pledge level, please read here.

$40 1 claimed

BEAR Essentials

Get a copy of Tales of BarBEARia, the Candy Horde Expansion and all stretch goals that come with this level. 

Pledge $40
$60 4 claimed

A CUB-le of Games

Get a copy of OG BarBEARian Battlegrounds, Tales of BarBEARia, the Candy Horde Expansion and all stretch goals that come with this level.

Pledge $60

The bURSAr Retailer Pledge

This pledge level is for retailers only. This level starts with a minimum of 6 copies of Tales of BarBEARia, and 6 copies of the Candy Horde Expansion. 

Pledge $120
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