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$29 1 claimed

The Shiny Bauble

You will get the Everwood Token at it's cheapest price! It will be shipped after the Kickstarter rewards have all been shipped.

Pledge $29
$149 4 claimed

The Tinker's Joy

Pledge here if you want to assemble your own copy of The Everwood Ruins, but beware! This is an EXPERT level kit as it involves wiring, delicate assembly, and a resin pour. This kit is not for the novice or the faint of heart. It will include all the components that make the entire unit as seen in the pictures.

Pledge $149
$245 5 claimed

The Sleepy Raven

You will get the Everwood Ruins delivered by order number once the Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled.

Pledge $245
$298 4 claimed

The Sleepy Raven & Wren

You will get one Everwood Ruins Miniverse, one Everwood Token, and a magnetic panel set of your choosing while saving $34 off the combined price! These will be made in our third batch and will ship by order number after the Kickstarter orders have all been fulfilled. 

Pledge $298
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