Embody Oracle
Coded Artwork. Channeled Messages. Align with Your Divine.

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Embody Oracle Deck - Early Bird

Receive your Embody Oracle Deck with 44+ artfully coded cards and the channeled Embodiment Book to interpret the meaning and align to your divine. *Pay for shipping after the campaign*
Pre-Order Today! $54
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Rise Your Tribe Pack!

This is a 3x Power Pack! There is a special power in threes. Purchase this reward to receive Embody Oracle Decks for YOU and your two closest Gal Pals. Together, you can enjoy a #highVibe evening, using the Meditation to Align to Your Divine with your sisterhood. *Pay for shipping after the campaign*
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Become a Card

You get all the juiciness of the normal deck PLUS a session with us, where we extract your oracle essence, and design a card reflecting your unique medicine and likeness.

Pre-Order Today! $450
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