LAX RAX | The board game shelf insert for cube shelves
Every game on its own shelf | Adjustable | Store games flat | Maximum storage precision | Miniature displays | Small game drawers

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Take your Kallax to new magnificent heights. The wonders of slide-able game storage await!

No screws, no hassle. 

Quick setup, adjustable, multi-functional Kallax upgrades.


If vertically stored games suffer from a deadly affliction: lid drift

Over time, if games aren't tightly packed, box lids will slowly drift open.

This is because GRAVITY pulls all the bits and bags to the bottom of the box, pushing the lid out. This creates more space for even MORE bits to fall out of their holders...

...creating MONSTROUS MESSES inside.

Many of us get lazy and try to squash it back together, damaging components and boxes over time – and others waste precious time putting everything back in its place. What if there was a solution that could protect your game bits AND save time?


Stacking boxes is just as bad! Either you waste time wiggling inch by inch, rubbing and burning away the lid like it’s been accused of witchcraft...

Or you swiftly pull a game from the bottom, causing a LANDSLIDE and slowly damaging your game boxes and jumbling round the bits inside.

Or you lift the whole stack, pulling your back and leaving you sweaty before the games even begin.

Treat your games ROYALLY! No screws, no hassle.

Slide games in and out with ease. Marvel as every game sits nobly on its own shelf.

Traditional bookshelves (and even cube shelves) were not designed with board game storage in mind. For too long, Kallaxers have been forced to store games sub-optimally.

Well, you no longer! With LAX RAX, you can finally upgrade your Kallax into a shelving system designed for board games. 

With LAX RAX, you’ll finally be able to slide a game off without it affecting it others on the shelf.

Slide in, slide out. Easy-glide action thanks to LAXRAX’s silky smooth wooden rods.

LAX RAX doesn’t use a slot system – meaning no awkward space-consuming gaps between games (unless you choose to)!

Upgrading your Kallax with LAX RAX is simple, quick, and easy – first apply a 3M sticky pad.

Then, plop a game on the shelf and slap a LAXRAX shelf on top of it. Place at least 4 per shelf.

Then, insert the wooden rods. Outwards pressure will keep the rod taut.

Each grip has a tongue that inserts into a slot on another grip, this ensures each shelf is level.

With LAX RAX, it’s easy to get a perfectly level shelf alignment thanks to this simple levelling system. Perfectly level with zero effort, tool, or eyeballing!

LAX RAX is designed to meet all your needs - want to temporarily go back to normal shelving? Just pop the rods out!

Use LAX RAX’s precision guide slots to line up your shelf inserts or create an air cushion of your choosing.

Choose from either a perfectly tight fit (0mm) for maximum space efficiency, a 1mm or a 2mm gap between games. You can maximize the space efficiency of your Kallax by reducing the space between each game. Or, have a small gap for a faster sliding experience.

In addition to the regular holding slot, LAX RAX has two “instant height bumps”. Do you want to swap out a game on the shelf with one that is slightly taller or shorter? No problem! Simply insert the rods into the alternate hollows.

BOOM! Now you don’t need to remove and reapply the LAX RAX grips. Lightning quick storage adjustments!

If the “bump slots” don’t cut it – you can completely remove a LAX RAX grip by pulling on the lower tab and re-sticking in a new position.

We recommend using a new sticky pad for longevity, but it’s not necessary for short term adjustments.

We wanted to create a product that designed as efficiently as possible, using the most sustainable materials we could, while also providing you with the type of premium quality we’re known for. LAX RAX went through months of iterations until we arrived at this final design that packs in functionality, ease of use and environmental sustainability into one package.

While we wanted to keep the shelving rods as thin as possible, we had to make them stronger than your average wooden dowels. Unlike the bamboo wooden dowels you find in your local craft store, our wooden rods are pure birch wood.

Not only that, we only select birch rods from the strongest part of the tree, meaning you get wooden rods better than the average dowel you’ll find in a craft store.

By the way, the sticky pads used in LAX RAX are the stickiest that 3M offers in this size, and the foam has a high tensile strength, meaning it doesn’t tear when removed properly (it stretches, similar to Command Strips), so no marks left behind!

Regular LAX RAX shelves hold up to 3.5lbs of weight, but you can add additional LAX RAX supports to increase the weight each shelf can hold. However, for heavier games, you might find the LAX RAX Heavy Duty grips more economical.

Most games fall in the 2 - 4 lbs range, but games with a lot of miniatures can be as heavy as 6+ lbs. For heavier games, the Heavy Duty LAX RAX grips make a good addition to your Kallax upgrade kit.

How many LAX RAXs do you need and what types? Check out this guide:

Want more out of your Kallax? We’re offering some majestic accessories to help your board game collection be a little less Chaotic Evil and a little more Lawful Good.


You didn’t spend so much on your limited Kickstarter edition games just to keep the miniatures locked up and hidden from sight! 

With these acrylic display shelves, you and your guests can marvel at the stunning sculpts coming out of today’s board games.

Put those miniature masterpieces on display for the world to see!

You can slide in these acrylic display shelves with or without rods! They're cut to perfectly fit into a Kallax cube and rest on the LAX RAX grips.

Our 2mm acrylic display shelves shine like glass, but are light and resistant to damage – meaning you’ll sweat a little less as you reorganize your Kallax.


Have a lot of smaller games? Maximize your space efficiency by picking up our Pocket Game Organizer Drawer! 

Each drawer rests on the wooden LAX RAX rods so they're easy to slide out.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER with these customizable plastic dividers that will hold all your small games in place. A space-optimizer's dream come true.

Simply snap or cut the insert to accommodate to your games and card decks, then ogle at the organizational magic of all your games staying in place as you slide out and tilt the drawer.

You can use it to store your dice and TTRPG equipment too!

The Pocket Game Organizer Drawer comes in black or white to match your Kallax!


Have a lot of oversized games sitting awkwardly on top of your bookcase? Why not put them on display?

Games are made to be marvelled at – don’t hide away your proudest acquisitions!

Amuse and amaze your visitors by those games on ROYAL display using this set of BoxThrone-branded display stands!

With a weight rating over 15 kg, these thick acrylic display stands can take the weight of any game. Take your awkwardly huge games, your rare collectors' editions, or simply your favorites and turn them into a showcase so magnificent that even the proudest lord would bend a knee to it.


Trying to do a 10x10 challenge? Want to see which games get the most plays? How about knowing which games to cull from your collection? 

With our new dry-erase play count trackers, you can easily keep track of which games are hitting the table the most (and least) often.

They are fully dry-erase, and come with a little marker to help you keep track of your plays!

These trackers are NO-GLUE stickers that grip to games using only gravity (thanks to the magic of silicone technology). NO glue, NO marks, NO problem.

Each Play Count Tracker pack comes with 12 trackers in four different designs and a black dry erase marker with tip eraser.

These beauties were illustrated by The Mico, the artist of Architects of the West Kingdom, Raiders of the North Sea, and Paladins of the West Kingdom.


Your playmats deserve to be shown off – display them with stylish efficiency with this hanging playmat holder.

Simply screw the hangers into the top of any bookcase and insert up to 8 playmats, with or without tubes. 

Save money on tubes - with the Playmat Storage Hanger, they're not necessary to create a tight, clean playmat storage array. 

The Playmat Storage Hanger can take on ANY size of playmat with its adjustable straps!

Rewards ship in June 2022

(By the way, LAX RAX grips come in WHITE or BLACK. You can choose your color in the pledge manager after the campaign.)

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Dip a toe and give your Kallax a ROYAL upgrade! Enough parts to make up to 12 LAX RAX shelves. A small, but magnificent upgrade to your board game storage. *Enhance your new easy-slide lifestyle with acrylic display shelves, pocket organizer drawers and more!* 


  • 48× LAX RAX multi-functional grips
  • 48× LAX RAX wooden rods
  • 48× Extra-strong 3M pads of stickiness
  • FREE Extra Grip of Alignment
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Give your Kallax a ROYAL upgrade! Enough parts to make 24 LAX RAX shelves. A worthy upgrade to your board game storage! *Enhance your new easy-slide lifestyle with acrylic display shelves, pocket organizer drawers and more!* 


  • 96× LAX RAX multi-functional grips
  • 96× LAX RAX wooden rods
  • 96× Extra-strong 3M pads of stickiness
  • FREE Extra Grip of Alignment
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Revolutionize your vast game collection and give your Kallax a ROYAL upgrade! Enough parts to make 48 LAX RAX shelves. A mighty storage empire is born! *Enhance your new easy-slide lifestyle with acrylic display shelves, pocket organizer drawers and more!* 


  • 188× LAX RAX multi-functional grips
  • 188× LAX RAX wooden rods
  • 188× Extra-strong 3M pads of stickiness
  • FREE Extra Grip of Alignment
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A new era of storage dawns for your mighty Kallax empire! Enough parts to make 75 LAX RAX shelves. Shelves as far as the eye can see! (Will fully deck out a 5x5 Kallax with 3 shelves per cube.) *Enhance your new easy-slide lifestyle with acrylic display shelves, pocket organizer drawers and more!* 


  • 300× LAX RAX multi-functional grips
  • 300× LAX RAX wooden rods
  • 300× Extra-strong 3M pads of stickiness
  • FREE Extra Grip of Alignment
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Your LAX RAX storage upgrades will blot out the sun! This ALL-IN juggernaut variety pack will fully deck out your Kallax with a variety of storage and display upgrades! A little bit of everything.


  • 192× LAX RAX multi-functional grips
  • 288× LAX RAX wooden rods
  • 240× Extra-strong 3M pads of stickiness
  • FREE Extra Grip of Alignment
  • 48× LAX RAX heavy duty grips
  • Acrylic display shelves
  • Pocket game organizer drawer with adjustable dividers
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A LAX RAX package visible from space (maybe). This ALL-IN mammoth variety pack will fully deck out EVEN MORE Kallax(es) with a variety of storage and display upgrades! Enough parts for 75 regular LAX RAX shelves and 24 heavy duty shelves.


  • 300× LAX RAX multi-functional grips
  • 492× LAX RAX wooden rods
  • 396× Extra-strong 3M pads of stickiness
  • 96× LAX RAX heavy duty grips
  • Acrylic display shelves
  • Pocket Game Organizer Drawer
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