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Buzzed Logo Mini Puzzle

We got a sweet logo. We also have a sweet little 25 piece, 3"x5" jigsaw puzzle. For ten bucks we will mate them and send you the babies! Receive one 25 piece Buzzed Puzzles logo puzzle.
Pledge $10
$24 3 claimed


Get into some sick ass street art with artist Mikey Imperial's Believers. 1,000 pieces. Receive one Believers puzzle.

Pledge $24
$24 6 claimed

Oniric Skull

Sugar Skulls are in kiddos and we got the sweetest of skulls for you. Get down with the Dia De Los Muertos and our Oniric Skull by artist Ciro Oduber. 1,000 pieces. Be the first to receive one Oniric Skull puzzle.

Pledge $24
$24 2 claimed

Drowning My Sorrows

Nothing cures the blues like booze and a bath! Drown your sorrows with Gillian Keller's art on our puzzle. 1,000 pieces. Be the first to receive one Drowning My Sorrows puzzle.

Pledge $24
$24 1 claimed

A Thousand Lives

Get lost in artist Adam Scythe's puzzle of a girl getting lost in a book. A Thousand Lives speaks to the story buff in all of us! 1,000 pieces. Receive one A Thousand Lives puzzle.

Pledge $24


Get down with the hand-painted, neon psychedelic wizardry of artist Alex Aliume. Lakshmi will bend your mind! 1,000 pieces. Receive one Lakshmi puzzle.

Pledge $24
$24 3 claimed

Magic Moon

Stare deeply into the eyes of artist Otto Schade's Magic Moon. Don't stare too deeply though, your soul may be in jeopardy... 1,000 pieces. Receive one Magic Moon puzzle.

Pledge $24
$24 8 claimed

Brooklyn Bridge

Get wild with Subway Doodle's Monsters under the Brooklyn Bridge. Designed specifically for Buzzed Puzzles, this has been an immediate fan favorite! 1,000 pieces. Receive one Brooklyn Bridge by Subway Doodle puzzle.

Pledge $24
$24 2 claimed


What's that smell? The Mermaid may not be as fresh but she still has a whole lot of buttcrack waiting for you...with added zest! 1,000 pieces. Receive one sexy Mermaid puzzle.

Pledge $24
$24 3 claimed

Modern Primitive

Are you down with the Tiki Tribe? You can be with our Modern Primitive puzzle! Join our tribe and make artist Scott Scheidly a happy man. 1,000 pieces. Receive one Modern Primitive puzzle.

Pledge $24
$32 1 claimed


Get buzzed one piece at a time with friends. The real challenge, finish the puzzle before passing out! Be one of the first to have the very first drinking jigsaw game! 300 pieces. Receive one Buzzed Drinking puzzle.

Pledge $32
$50 1 out of 50 claimed

Buzzed Retailers

Buzzed is excited to shake up retailer’s puzzle section! With your pledge of $50 you will be putting a down payment on 10 units of any of our designs that fund and go into production. Retailers will be contacted after funding to choose desired designs. Wholesale cost will be the standard 50% of MSRP and we will be working closely with our retailers on subsidizing as much of the shipping cost as possible based upon quantity and location.
Pledge $50
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