Bargain Quest Second Printing + The Black Market Expansion!

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The Black Market Expansion

The Black Market Expansion for Bargain Quest.

Pre-Order $20
$30 32 claimed

Just the New Stuff Please!

For those who already own Bargain Quest, all of the new stuff from this KS! Includes the Black Market Expansion, all Bonus Packs, The Solo Mode, and the Errata Update pack!

Pre-Order $30
$40 156 claimed

Bargain Quest Base Game

A complete copy of the Bargain Quest base game with updated rules and cards! Includes an upgraded metal Quest Token!

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$70 407 claimed

The New Deluxe

This tier includes a complete copy of Bargain Quest, the Black Market Expansion, All 3 Bonus Packs, and much more!

Pre-Order $70
$160 9 claimed

Retailer Pledge

For Retailers excited to have their own copies of Bargain Quest for sale, this tier gets you 5 Copies of the Bargain Quest Base Game, 5 Copies of the Black Market Expansion and 5 Copies of the "Friendly Local Game Store" Promotional Player Board!

Pre-Order $160
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