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$50 46 claimed

Just the Quests

Already own Thunderstone Quest and don't want the big box and plastic dividers? This is the level for you. It comes with all the contents of the two new quests and the rulebook. Will be packed securely to avoid damage during fulfillment.

Includes 4th Level Heroes for these Quests. Includes Epic support for these Quests. Includes cardstock dividers for these Quests.

DOES NOT INCLUDE the superdeluxe box, the plastic dividers.

DOES NOT INCLUDE the Quest 10 or 11 retail display boxes shown in this image.

Pledge $50
$75 117 claimed

Enemies Among Us Reward

The new content from this Kickstarter. for backers who already own the Thunderstone Quest base game.  

Includes Quest 10 Darkness Rising
Includes Quest 11 Miricelle's Return
Includes 4th level heroes for these Quests
Includes Epic support for these Quests

Includes the superdeluxe box (the same size as the Champion & To the Barricades boxes)

Includes plastic dividers for all previous Thunderstone Quest releases and the new content in this Kickstarter

DOES NOT INCLUDE Retail display boxes for Quests 10 & 11 as shown in this image

Pledge $75
$120 10 claimed

Champion Reward

This Reward is identical to the Champion Reward from the 1st Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter.

Includes 5 Quests (Quest 1 - 5)
Includes Bandits of Blackrock and other promotional cards added as Stretch Goals in the 1st Kickstarter
Includes a superdeluxe box

DOES NOT INCLUDE Epic Support. To get Epic Thunderstone cards for Champion purchase the Add-on that provides those cards

Pledge $120
$350 31 claimed

All-In Gameplay Reward

This pledge gets you all the gameplay components from the very beginning of Thunderstone Quest. It contains Champion ($120), To the Barricades ($100), New Horizons ($50), and Enemies Among us ($75). Also includes Epic Support for Champion ($25). This pledge doesn't come with sleeves or the neoprene mat, but they will be easily added in the Pledge Manager. All Stretch Goals and Kickstarter Exclusive content included.

You will get:
11 Quests (1-11)
Epic support for all Quests
4th level Heroes for all Heroes
Three superdeluxe storage boxes (one each for Champion, To the Barricades, and Enemies Among Us)

DOES NOT INCLUDE Retail display boxes for Quests 8, 9, 10 or 11, the Neoprene mat, or sleeves

Pledge $350
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