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I’m so excited to be offering more folks a chance to back Oros, my very first game and passion project for the last 5 years. This is your last chance to get the Kickstarter Exclusive Collector’s Edition that was available during the campaign!

Thank you for your support!

Watch play-thoughs and reviews, revisit the unlocked stretch goals, get to know solo mode, and more on the campaign page. There, you'll find shipping details and a project timeline, too.

$50 13 claimed

Standard Edition (Late Pledge)

Includes all base game components.

Pledge $50
$75 501 claimed

Collector's Edition (Late Pledge)

A Kickstarter Exclusive! Includes upgraded wooden components, double-layer player boards, custom tray insert, silkscreened followers, 24 land tile expansion, and the Grande Mountain mini-expansion!

Includes digital Print and Play files

Pledge $75
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