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Cultistorm is the expression of our respect and love for H. P. Lovecraft. It is more than just an ordinary board game – this is a Lovecraftian gaming experience with literary and musical dimensions. Our theme choice was motivated by a deep commitment to the work and heritage of H. P. Lovecraft. 



  • A highly interactive gaming experience offering unique cooperative game mechanics where every player is of equal importance.
  • Scalable difficulty: the game’s setup options allow players to adjust the difficulty of the challenges they will face (this feature is included in the base game).
  • Narrative Expansion and Script Book: the true jewel of Cultistorm is a hardcover book containing 500+ pieces of high quality weird fiction, illustrated with colourful full-page artwork. The Narrative Expansion is a story-driven game mode in which the stories impact the game itself.
  • Solo Expansion for those solitary detectives who wish take up the fight on their own.
  • Campaign Expansion: seven connected and increasingly challenging scenarios introducing new game mechanics.
  • Overlord Expansion: this adds a sixth player who takes on the role of Lovecraft himself. As a puppet master, this player controls the cultists, and thus the whole game.
  • Nine minor expansion modules: each of these introduces new game mechanics, increasing the replayability and difficulty of Cultistorm. Most modules can be played simultaneously.
  • Game Night Expansion (as add-on): this unique and innovative expansion provides the possibility of combining up to six separate Cultistorm games into one epic story. A common fight, in which the choices of the different teams can impact each other. This expansion was developed specifically for clubs who organise board gaming events.
  • Hardcover Short Story Collection: the stories were specifically written for the game by a group of fifteen experienced authors with a vast knowledge of weird fiction writing.
  • Cultistorm Soundtrack by Graham Plowman: crafted especially for Cultistorm by one of the most renowned composers of the genre, this album gives you something to listen to as you uncover the twisted secrets of Arkham.

Illustrated Script Book – with 500+ flash fiction stories

We have devised an efficient way to enhance your immersion in the Lovecraftian atmosphere of Cultistorm: we bring you a Script Book with 500+ flash fiction stories from the weird fiction genre. Every character and location (whether from this world or another), the investigators, the cultist sects, and the different events all get their own stories. You can also read a story before an encounter with a cultist – not only will this intensify your gaming experience, it can also have a direct effect on the encounter. The narrative gameplay with the Script Book makes Cultistorm a deep and truly story-driven adventure.

The Script Book will come as a beautiful hardcover book with full-page colour illustrations.


Hardcover Short Story Collection

We want to make the game as immersive as possible. Instead of adding flavour texts to cards, we are compiling short stories with the help of a team of talented weird fiction writers. To accompany the game we offer a complete volume of short stories, which is worthy of Lovecraft’s literary heritage and the genre requirements he created. The short stories are directly connected to the different casts of cultists, locations, and Great Old Ones appearing in the game, creating a detailed world and a rich backstory on a scale quite unusual in the realm of board games.


Soundtrack album – with music by Graham Plowman

If you feel like listening to some music while reading or playing, you can turn on Graham Plowman’s album, which he created especially for Cultistorm. Graham is perhaps the most acknowledged composer of the Lovecraftian subculture. He creates his Lovecraftian atmosphere with a mixture of symphonic orchestra and choir music, using instruments from Lovecraft’s own time. His music is powerful, authentic, and of incredibly high quality.

Before you continue to read this page, why not listen to the track below? Turn up the volume and let Graham Plowman’s fantastic music transport you into the universe of Cultistorm…







Donation for the Agency

Greetings Brave Investigator,

There are various reasons, why you cannot invest bigger amounts of money into our project. Maybe you are not into board games, maybe you just have financially hard times currently... so many reasons...
But maybe you still want to help us and the Cultistorm project out a little bit. With this Donation, you can contribute to our project. Every little bit is most welcomed and highly appreciated.
This project came alive thanks to the brave investigators, supporters and friends. Come and join this awesome community and become part of our journey in creating Cultistorm.

Thank you !

Pre-Order $5

Storm of Cultists: A Soundtrack album by Graham Plowman

A music album composed by Graham Plowman to get you in that special Lovecraftian mood.

It includes:

  • Audio CD in a 6-panel digipack case
  • Awesome cover illustrations
  • Digital copy of the album

If you want to find out a little bit more about the music and Graham Plowman, please check out these links:


Pre-Order $10

Metal Investigator Badge

You will receive a very cool metal investigator badge to prove your credentials to everyone who is foolish enough to question you.

Size: 100x65x5mm
Material: antiqued metal

Pre-Order $12

Hardcover Short Story Collection

We put together an amazing team of award winning authors to write short stories for our game. They put their heart and soul (and probably all their remaining sanity) into this book. We wanted to go beyond the limitations of a board game and create a comletely new world for our game with its own background and stories. We wanted to pay respect to H.P. Lovecraft and this was the result. To read some samples of the stories, please click here. We really hope you will like it.

This add-on includes a Hardcover book with over 300 pages of professionally written Short Stories.

Pre-Order $15

Narrative Expansion pack

With this expansion you can immerse yourself  in the world we have created for you. It gives a whole new mechanic and a lot more flavor for the game. If you wish to find out more about how it works. click here

This Add-on contains the following Items:

Illustrated Hardcover Script Book:

  • Colorful Illustrated pictures
  • 315 Scripts for the Base Game
  • 219 Script for Expansions

50 Narrative Cards

Pre-Order $25

Books Only

This includes the following items:
Hardcover Short Story Collection
Narrative Expansion 

Choose this option if you want to have an overall shipping price for both books together

Pre-Order $40

Base Game

This is the Base Game of Cultistorm. 
It will be part of the Base Game, Deluxe and Collector Pledge levels.


8 highly detailed miniatures
Main Board (consisting of 5 individual parts)
6 Character Boards (260x125 mm)
264 Cards:

  • 126 Investigator cards
  • 34 Item cards
  • 27 Terror cards
  • 5 Gate Seal Cards
  • 45 Cultist Cards
  • 7 Special Cultist Cards
  • 10 Locations
  • 10 Great Old Ones

6 Cultist Dice (16 mm)
8 Investigator Dice (16 mm)
5 Gate Seal Tokens (50 mm)
5x9 Trophy Tokens (30 mm)
5x2 Target Tokens (30 mm)
5 Shrine Tokens (30 mm)
10 Timing Tokens (30 mm)
25 Insanity Crystals
20 Terror Crystals
5 Reference sheets

It also includes ALL UNLOCKED STRETCH GOALS unlocked for this pledge Level!

It also includes the exclusive Promos:

  • Cardboard Dice Tower
  • Mindskimmers & Twin Elders (7 Special Cultist cards +1 Great Old One card)

If you want to have a detailed description of all the elements, with pictures, please visit

Pre-Order $69
$99 1 claimed

Deluxe Pledge

Cultistorm: Deluxe Pledge level


All elements of the Cultistorm: Base Game Pledge level

All elements of the Cultistorm: Deluxe Pledge level:

2 major expansions:
Campaign Expansion
Solo Expansion
9 minor expansions:
Ancient Relics
Dark Rituals
Cultist Events
Innocent Victims
Otherworldly Diseases
Dangerous Puzzle
Research Events
Rorschach Test

All Stretch Goals of the Deluxe Pledge level
It also includes the exclusive Promos:
Cardboard Dice Tower
Mindskimmers & Twin Elders (7 Special Cultist cards +1 Great Old One card)

Pre-Order $99
$139 5 claimed

Collector Pledge

Cultistorm: Collector Pledge level


All elements of the Cultistorm: Base Game Pledge level

All elements of the Cultistorm: Deluxe Pledge level:

2 major expansions:
Campaign Expansion
Solo Expansio
9 minor expansions:
Ancient Relics
Dark Rituals
Cultist Events
Innocent Victims
Otherworldly Diseases
Dangerous Puzzle
Research Events
Rorschach Test

Cultistorm: Collector Box:
Overlord Expansion
Narrative Expansions (Narrative book)
1x Metal Investigator Badge (aside from the Early bird promotion)
1x Short Story Collection
1x Soundtrack Album by Graham Plowman

Extra promotional elements included:
Cardboard Dice Tower
Mindskimmers & Twin Elders (7 Special Cultist cards +1 Great Old One card)

Does NOT include:
Reinforcements have arrived: Investigator Expansion pack
Lovecraft Country : Game Night Expansion
 (you need minimum 2 copies of the games to use this expansion)

Pre-Order $139
$750 Only 8 left

Undercover Agent Pledge

We would like to offer a very special opportunity for the most dedicated of Investigators: joining one of the most dangerous operations of the Agency and fighting as an undercover agent within the ranks of the Cultists.

You can join this mission by pledging for the special “Undercover Agent Pledge” – but places are limited!

The first 13 brave fighters will have the chance to join the ranks of the undercover agents. We will require mugshots from the participants, to be illustrated by our graphic designers. In this way you can become part of the Cultistorm universe via the 13 undercover Investigator cards. The aim of this pledge is straightforward: we want to allow our fans and backers to support us to a bigger extent via this pledge.

What you get with this pledge:

  • 2x Cultistorm: Collector Package
  • 2x Free Reinforcement Has Arrived Add-on 
  • 1x Free Game Night: Lovecraft Country Add-on 
  • 2x Free 3D Monster Box if it will be available (currently not available)
  • A unique Cultist card with your own portrait ( this will become part of every game not just your copy)
  • Your very own short story in the Script Book
  • Free shipping (1 wave)
  • All unlocked Stretch Goals

For more details see the "Undercover Agent Pledge" section or Update #16. 

Pre-Order $750
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