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1 TERRA - Kickstarter Price

The TERRA model has been designed for the simplicity of our planet. This design removes complexity to arrive at simplicity as if it was crafted by evolution itself.

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$139 Only 40 left

1 EOS - Super Early Bird

Our EOS watch, which means "A new beginning", will bring us hope and a new begging for the way we have been doing business. This watch is a Limited Edition and it has been made by studying the design of our oceans.

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$229 Only 25 left

1 SOLEOS - Super Early Bird

The SOLEOS model is the most sustainable watch on the market, featuring Japanese solar technology, recycled stainless steel watch case, glow-in-the-dark dials, and much more. It is a watch for a lifetime and to remind us that we need to be in balance with our planet earth.

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$449 Only 3 left

1 Terra + 1 Eos + 1 Soleos

You get 1 Terra + 1 Eos + 1 Soleos limited edition + 1 free recycled strap valued $65 

Save $300 | Estimated Retail Price ($747)

- 3 Kg of plastic is removed from the ocean

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$1,789 Only 3 left

Super Pack (12)

All the models + colors - One of each color (4 x 3) JOAGO limited Time watches.

 Save $1200| Estimated Retail Price 2988$ 

12 free straps (valued at $720) 

12 Kg of plastic is removed from the ocean Once in a lifetime opportunity.

Pledge $1,789
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