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ALL 3D STL files

STL files will come pre-supported for home printing.  All files come scaled at the standard 25-28mm scale. 24 STL files!

Pledge $26 CAD
$26 CAD 9 claimed

Digital Package

Access to digital copies of Golden Age Codex and The Lost Touch Adventure. In addition you will receive 3D printable STL files.
Pledge $26 CAD
$89 CAD 6 claimed

Hardcover Bundle

1st Edition Hardcover copy of both the Golden Age Codex character options and the Lost Touch adventure with over 300+ pages of content. Also including Pet Cards, Skinny Minis, GM Screen, and Six Pregenerated Hero Booklets. Plus ALL digital assets.This pledge does not include shipping. You will be asked to pay it after Kickstarter ends from the Pledge Manager. See the table under shipping for more details
Pledge $89 CAD
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