Grimoire Quest
A Mystical Battle Game

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$50 Only 100 left

Game & Art Book

Ah, tis' beauty you desire? One physical copy of the game and a limited copy of the Grimoire Quest art book Featuring large high quality samples of my favorite pieces from the game.

Pledge $50
$28 11 out of 1,500 claimed

Grimoire Quest Official Copy

One physical copy of the finished game. Freshly forged in the heart of the Wailing Mountain!

Pledge $28
$29 Only 100 left

The Art Book Collection

Games do not thrill thee? Ah, tis' art that you desire. Very well, with your gil contribution I shall share with you my secrets and show you wonders to gaze upon! ( I'm just gonna give you the art book.)

Pledge $29
$85 Only 100 left

Grand Art Lover DELUXE!

You will get the game, the art book, signed art print, AND an authentic 8x10 signed original sketch by Tom Savage! A true one of a kind!

Pledge $85
$45 Only 50 left

Grimoire Sketch Card!

In addition to the physical game your deck will include a special card with a live hand drawn sketch in the art space! That's right a real mini piece of live art! ( signed too! ) The card will also be a unique playable card not featured in the regular base deck.

Pledge $45
$38 Only 100 left

Game & Art Print

Get a physical copy of the game and a limited and signed 12x18" art print!

Pledge $38
$55 1 out of 100 claimed

Game & Art Lover Deluxe

In addition to the game and art book reward, you will also get a signed limited art print to choose from.

Pledge $55
$49 Only 25 left

Grimoire Zombie sketch!

Get a physical copy of the game and I will turn YOU into a custom 8x10 zombie sketch!

Pledge $49
$42 Only 500 left

The Collector

Get TWO copies of the game. One for you and one as a gift for a fellow traveler. ( Or two for yourself- We judgeth not).

Pledge $42
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