Controlled Chaos and DinoGenics 2nd Printing
An expansion for DinoGenics that offers new ways to develop your dinosaur park

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DinoGenics and Controlled Chaos late backing items.  All items are complete KS editions with all unlocked stretch goals.  We are currently only able to accept orders from the US and Canada. All pledge levels allow adding cosmetic items.  Please only choose "DinoGenics Metal Coin Set - R2020" if you only want coins and extras. 

Orders typically ship within one week of being placed.  Arrival times are 8-12 days for most US addresses and 12-18 days for Canada.

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DinoGenics Metal Coin Set - R2020

Upgrade your in game credit tokens from cardboard to metal.  This 52 coin set includes the same number of credits as the base game, as well as the four brand new 10 credit coins introduced in Controlled Chaos. Coins are made with a zinc alloy. Does not come in commercial packaging.

You may add cosmetic extras and 1st printing upgrades after starting your pledge.

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Controlled Chaos - R2020

Controlled Chaos expands upon the foundation laid by DinoGenics and offers new ways to develop your dinosaur park. Several new species enter the genetics pool including five aquatic creatures, each with their own unique traits. New strategic options open up as well with large facilities, specialists and refined DNA.  

Requires DinoGenics base game to play.

You may add cosmetic and 1st printing upgrade extras after starting your pledge. 

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DinoGenics - R2020

DinoGenics is a thematic worker placement game where one to five players compete to build the best dinosaur park.  Over the course of seven rounds, players will harvest DNA, create dinosaurs, build park amenities and attract visitors.  However, it is up to the player if they will be a respectable business owner or use any means necessary to get ahead of the competition. All copies of DinoGenics are printed in English and will include an English rulebook. 

You may add Controlled Chaos and cosmetic extras after starting your pledge. 

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