Controlled Chaos and DinoGenics 2nd Printing
An expansion for DinoGenics that offers new ways to develop your dinosaur park

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Pre-orders are expected to ship along with Kickstarter copies in late February 2020.

$34 37 claimed

DinoGenics: Controlled Chaos

Receive a copy of DinoGenics: Controlled Chaos complete with all unlocked stretch goals. 

Requires DinoGenics base game to play.

Pre-Order $34
$68 5 claimed

DinoGenics Base Game

Receive a copy of the 2nd printing of DinoGenics complete with all unlocked stretch goals.

Pre-Order $68
$98 114 claimed

DinoGenics + Controlled Chaos

Purchase DinoGenics with its expansion, Controlled Chaos. 

This bundle includes all stretch goals, and saves $4 over purchasing both items separately.

Pre-Order $98
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