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What’s worse is that 80% of those interruptions are trivial. Which basically means, 80% of the time if you get a tap on the shoulder it will be for conversations that start like this -    

Out of all the time, you’re at your desk staring at a screen only 60% or less of work time is being spent productively.

Yes, that’s depressing, not to mention stressful as studies have shown it can take up to a whopping 11 minutes to regain focus each time you’re interrupted.

All this constant mental stress of not reaching your full potential and always chasing time 

Unhappy workers cost the U.S. between $450 and $550 billion in lost productivity each year. 

This is precisely why we created TimeChi. A productivity tool (app + device combo) that helps you block physical and digital distractions by creating the perfect work environment for deep work. TimeChi is meant for individuals and teams. The app + device combo empowers you to reach your productivity potential, facilitate meaningful team collaborations, and boost creativity with a simple click on the TimeChi device.




Backers get to choose their color preference in the post-campaign survey.  






TimeChi-e is a secondary TimeChi screen to attach to your door/cubicle/etc. to show when you’re busy and when it’s safe for colleagues and friends to come knocking. The wireless, WiFi enabled secondary display was originally a stretch goal at $500k. Due to overwhelming demand, we decided to bump it up to the top of our priority list!

TimeChi-e is now available as an add-on perk at checkout for any regular TimeChi perk—or as a separate pre-order. 







There’s one core thing that unites the TimeChi team. We all used to feel like we were always chasing time, always had “too much to do, too little time." Even though as a group we've founded successful businesses, project managed teams of all sizes across various industries, and programmed hundreds of lines of code. Despite having incredibly busy days hard at work, we ended up putting in extra hours, staying late at the office, or even saving work for weekends.

We were burned out and drained to the point that we weren’t enjoying what we were doing. So, we set out to search for an answer and a way to work faster, smarter, and better. 

The question we asked ourselves:


That’s how we came to realize how distractions and interruptions keep us from performing “deep work” - which is a state of mind when we’re fully focused and therefore, most productive.

We tried to find a tool to help us achieve deep work, but there was nothing in the market that met all our requirements. Almost all productivity tools were mobile apps, which we found to be absolutely ridiculous as mobiles are one of the most common sources of distractions!  

This is when Sean our CEO, a gadget geek with a degree in biotechnology decided to bring together the power of technology to help fight against brain fog and mental drain to boost productivity.  

We wanted our solution to be holistic - easily customizable to encourage focus, block distractions and unnecessary disruptions (both digital AND physical), track performance and of course - operate without a smartphone.  

Every time someone saw the power of our TimeChi beta units, we’d get a request to place an order. That brings us to where we are today. 









We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support and mentorship from the following partners who have now become friends for life.



There’s a massive list of people we'd love to thank that helped us throughout our TimeChi journey. We’re so grateful for your support, generosity, and encouragement -- none of this would have been possible without you.









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The global pandemic has not only accelerated the need to consider adopting new workplace productivity solutions, but it has also renewed focus on the importance of championing mental and physical health. At TimeChi, we recognize that people aren’t just working from home - we’re working at home during a global crisis. This is a crucial moment for us to understand the critical levers behind productivity and use that knowledge to empower everyone to manage their workflow and well-being. Indiegogo is a supportive platform for startups like ourselves. We’re a small team with a breakthrough solution to a global challenge that we want to share with the world. Indiegogo is a great place to gain exposure and build a supportive community - and with your help, we can.



We’re conscious of the ever-increasing plastic waste and its devastating effect on our environment. TimeChi has been designed with sustainability in mind so the product and its packaging are completely recyclable. We’ve taken great care to design your device to be your companion for life, exceeding your expectations well into the future with software updates, new platform integrations, and ongoing maintenance. There’s always so much more we can do, so we’ll be on the lookout for new ways to improve our manufacturing process to minimize our environmental footprint. 



We’re ready to start our mass manufacturing process for TimeChi once we reach our funding goal. Generally, the biggest risk for any hardware product is with unknown delays in manufacturing as things can always change along the way when bringing a brand new product into the world for the first time. If this happens, we’ll disclose all information in our updates. We’re fully committed to delivering your TimeChi on time, so with proper planning and safety measures, COVID19 will have no impact on our production. 



$158 AUD Only 25 left

TimeChi Preorder x1

Say hello to a more productive you with TimeChi, the work companion tool that blocks digital distractions and provides real-time analytics--like a Fitbit for your productivity! Unleash your creativity and free up time for what matters most. Save 15% with our Indiegogo exclusive offer at $158 AUD (approx. $110 USD).
Pledge $158 AUD
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The Full Productivity Toolkit

Boost your productivity with the complete TimeChi toolkit! This Indiegogo exclusive bundle includes 1) TimeChi, the work companion timer that blocks digital distractions and provides real-time analytics, plus 2) TimeChi-e, the WiFi-connected external display that serves as a "do not disturb" sign to let colleagues know when you’re busy.
Pledge $295 AUD
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TimeChi Preorder x2

Work in tandem without missing a beat with 2x TimeChi devices for you and a colleague or friend. Unleash your creativity and free up time for what matters most. Save 20% with our Indiegogo exclusive deal (approx. $207 USD).
Pledge $295 AUD
$696 AUD Only 25 left

Office Productivity Pack x5

Unleash the creativity of your entire team with the work companion tool that blocks digital distractions and provides real-time productivity analytics. Save 25% and get 5 devices for $139 AUD per device (approx. $102 USD). Each device comes with a USB-C cable, USB-C to A adaptor, and Lifetime Access to TimeChi software.
Pledge $696 AUD
$1,207 AUD Only 10 left

Remote Team Productivity x10

Equip your entire remote team with the work companion tool that blocks digital distractions and provides real-time productivity analytics. Save 56% and get 10 devices for $120.7 AUD per device (approx. $89 USD). Each device comes with a USB-C cable, a USB-C to A adaptor, a 1 Year Warranty, and Lifetime Access to TimeChi software.
Pledge $1,207 AUD
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