Fat Freezer Cordless

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3-in-1 Eye Massage Wand

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Early Bird CryoShape

The Fat Freezer Cryo Shape is a home-use device which is not the same as the spa or clinics. The Fat Freezer CryoShape System has taken 5 clinical technologies and made them available for home use at a fraction of the price.
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Fat Freezer Total Body + Face

Fat Freezer Face brings a totally new solution to help you ditch your double chin & tighten your neck. It maintains your natural beauty. To maximize sculpting results it combines Freeze, Thermo Heat, Sonic, and Photon Rejuvenation.
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CryoShape Fat Breaker

Fat Freezer & Fat Breaker - Fat Breaking, Muscle Sculpting and Skin Smoothing Device works in conjunction with your Fat Freezer Cryo. Fat Breaker 3 in 1 - Bio-Polar Radio Frequency, Electro Muscle Stimulation & Red Photon Light Therapy.
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CryoShape Ultimate Pack

Fat Freezer Chin & Neck: Targets double chin & turkey neck to help target your jawline and cheeks while helps reduce puffiness and redness for a tightening effect. Add another level on cold with the Fat Freezer Accelerate Body Gel. The Ice Roller doesnโ€™t just give you amazing skin โ€“ use it as a neck and face massager to help relax migraine tension.
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Early Bird Duo Pack - 2 Units

SPECIAL: Save $369 when you order now! -> only $229 (retail for $598). Freeze your fat away in TWO AREAS simultaneously. Lose up to 24% of stubborn fat. Shipping GUARANTEED!
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FatFreezer FACE & BODY 61% OFF

Fat Freezer Micro Tone Face Toner - $149Get gentle MicroCurrent for effective facial stimulation to target double chin & frown lines to rejuvenate the skin.Fat Breaker 3 in 1 fat breaking system - $199Use after your Fat Freezer session - Muscle sculpting and Skin Smoothing to help maintain firm & supple skin.FatFreezer Cordless - $299
Pledge $249
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