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Introducing GOSPACE SuperCharger 2.0, the ultimate Fast Charger and Power Bank with File Transfer function & PD technology.

● Access, edit, and transfer your files easily with USB & SD card
● PD Fast Charging technology - charge your devices 3x faster
● 10,000mAh Battery
● Interchangeable Plugs - charge anywhere you go
● Small size perfect for travel
● Smart power detection to protect your devices
● Safe and reliable with 8-layer protection systems

If that sounds like overkill, we agree. SuperCharger 2.0, the ONE which solves all your solutions. We pack a 3-port  charger with 45W Power Delivery (PD), a 10,000 mAh power bank, a hub (support USB & SD Card) for file transfer and interchangeable plugs that support 150+ countries into ONE sleek unit.

You could easily access your files with SuperCharger 2.0. We support


●SD/ SDHC/ SDXC (format up to 2TB)

● File System: FAT 12/ 16/ 32, exFAT

With SuperCharger 2.0, you no longer need any additional Card reader. You could read/transfer your files directly just by using SuperCharger 2.0. You could even edit your files with your USB/SD card plugged in. 


With the updates on iOS 13, you could even transfer your files with the latest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models. SuperCharger 2.0 will be the best accessories for you.

SuperCharger 2.0 support the latest Power Delivery (PD) technology to offer you the fastest charging experience.

SuperCharger 2.0 equip with a 45W USB-C 3.1 Power Delivery port and two 18W USB-A 3.0 Qualcomm Quick Charge ports. You could easily fast-charge multiple devices at the same time.


Power Delivery (PD) fast charging is a new technology that delivers much higher levels of power than standard charging. It is a specification for handling higher power and allows a range of devices to charge quickly over a USB connection.


Comparing to the normal standard charging, we specially designed our USB-C circuit board to withstand the high watt. With the new circuit board design, you could enjoy a faster, safer charging experience.


The PD technology also allows SuperCharger 2.0 to detect the suitable power needed for each connected devices.  You don't have to worry about damaging your lower power devices with high power. SuperCharger 2.0 is always easy and convenient to use.

SuperCharger 2.0 comes with a 10,000mAh battery, which allows you to charge your mobiles several times. SuperCharger 2.0 also compatible with laptops, cameras and other devices. We would always be your support and back up all your power.

Another feature of SuperCharger 2.0 is its capability to support over 150 countries. Its wall interchangeable plugs allow you to use SuperCharger 2.0 in different countries.

SuperCharger 2.0 could detect different voltage and change its setting automatically. You don't need to worry about the different voltages for different countries.

We understanding your worries. We will always have multiple protections to guard your safety. With 8 layers of Protection, we ensure SuperCharger 2.0 is always safe to use. We include Voltage Protection, Temperature Protection, Short-Circuit Protection etc, You will have no worries to use it and share it with your family and friends.

In addition, to ensure our quality, we have multiple testings and experiments for our battery and functions. We not just aim to produce good products only. Instead, we aim to provide you the best, safest and highest-quality SuperCharger 2.0. Just to allow you enjoy the brand new File Transfer & Charging experience.

We introduce you the exclusive IGG Special Set, which includes SuperCharger 2.0, interchangeable plugs & a specially designed protective case. You could carry your accessories safer and easier, feeling less worries during your travelling. Order now and enjoy our 50% discount. 

What's in the box:

1. SuperCharger 2.0

2. US Plug

3. Europe Plug

4. UK Plug

5. AUS/NZ Plug

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SuperCharger 2.0 Single Set

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IGG Special

Approx. US$85 (MSRP: US$159)

Support now and receive Indiegogo special price of 46% off. The SuperCharger 2.0 Case can protect your device and carry a large number of wires, interchangeable plugs, SD cards etc. Carry your device around effortlessly! The SuperCharger 2.0 Case MUST be purchased with the SuperCharger 2.0.

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SuperCharger 2.0 Twin Set

Approx. US$139 (MSRP: US$278)

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SuperCharger 2.0 Family Set

Approx. US$259 (MSRP: US$556)

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SuperCharger 2.0 Wholesale Set

Approx. US$630 (MSRP: US$1390)

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