maskirei: The Smallest Face Mask Sterilizer and Dryer

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Maskirei L Size Cover

Maskirei L Size Cover

*It does not include Maskirei main unit.

Pledge ¥500
¥5,300 1 out of 100 claimed

Value Plus: 1x maskirei

Get 1xmaskirei. MSRP is 5,778yen.
Pledge ¥5,300

Charger Set: 1x maskirei 1x PDQC18W

Get 1xmaskirei and 1x 18W charger. MSRP is 7,186yen.
Pledge ¥5,900
¥8,300 1 claimed

Pair Set: 2x maskirei

Get 2xmaskirei. MSRP is 11,256yen.
Pledge ¥8,300

Family Set: 4x maskirei

Get 4xmaskirei. MSRP is 22,212yen.
Pledge ¥16,220
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