War for Indagar
Fast-paced 4x Strategy Game

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War for Indagar - 4x Strategy Game

You'll receive a copy of War for Indagar, a fast-paced 4x strategy game set in the fantasy world of Indagar. You will also receive all unlocked stretch goals.

If you'd like to have a translated version of the game, please see our language translation addons. 

War for Indagar - The Game

You'll receive one copy of War for Indagar. This will include the full game, as well as the unlocked stretch goals from the campaign. 

The game includes 4 Factions: The Kingdom of Arkland, The Great Forest Tribes, The Ramal Nations, and The Cabal, each with minis, outposts, strategy and hero cards. The game also includes cubes, chits, tokens, and dice. 

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