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Digital Package
Access to digital copies of Golden Age Codex and The Lost Touch Adventure. In addition you will receive 3D printable STL files.
10 Digital Encounter Maps

Digital Copies of all the maps used in the Lost Touch Adventure. Perfect for Virtual Table Top!

Golden Age Codex PDF

 Digital 1st Edition of the Golden Age Codex. Includes all 140+ pages of character options!  

Lost Touch PDF

Claim the PDF of the 1st Edition of the Lost Touch Adventure. Includes all 160+ pages of adventure materials!

Mini Sarcophagi 3D printable STL file

Sarcophagi perfect for keeping your Hero safe, or use it as a dice holder or a piece of terrain.

Upira Tree STL

The Upira is a Gargantuan mini scaled at the standard 25-28mm scale.

Raft STL

Large enough to sit 6 medium creatures scaled at the standard 25-28mm scale.

Pregenerated Hero Booklets x6 PDF

6 Pregenerated  character booklets for the level 5 Heroes of Orman in PDF. Featuring all new classes and subclasses.

GM Screen PDF

a GM Screen optimized for gameplay in Orman in PDF

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