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Dark secrets, mental illness and horrific cravings in a series that wears its heart on its sleeve... and down the front of its shirt.

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Dad and Loving It
A digital version of Undad Vol 3 (PDF), and your name included on a special DEADication page of Undad Vol 3.
Undad Volume Three (digital)

Note: Undad Vol 3 is currently in production, so limited preview material is available at this stage.


Brett Buckley was a normal family man once. When he unexpectedly turned undead, he struggled to regain the love and respect of his wife and kids... a struggle he ultimately lost in a single moment of weakness that cost him everything.

As we begin Undad Volume Three, Brett, stuck in the limbo between life and death, has been estranged from his family for some months. And then one day, in the most horrific way imaginable, he is propelled suddenly back into family life to face his greatest challenge yet: becoming the primary carer for his children. 

More than just another zombie story, Undad Volume Three is about the challenges of facing down what really scares you, while being (literally) dead inside.

Backer bonus - bundle of Shane W Smith comics
  • The Lesser Evil (350 pages)
  • Peaceful Tomorrows (620 pages)
  • The Game (394 pages)
  • First 110 pages of Triumviratus
  • 4x Undad digital prints
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