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Tutankhamun Pharaoh's Edition Plus Play Mat

Pharaoh's edition of the game, mini-expansion, play mat, and all applicable stretch goals.


  • Deluxe Game
  • Mini-Expansion Promo Tile Pack (located inside game box)
  • Promo Tile Bag (located inside game box)
  • Play Mat
Tutankhamun - Play Mat

Beautiful play mat illustrated by Jacqui Davis. It measures 20x27" and will be double stitched. This creates a Nile River backdrop for your tiles and boats. 

NOTE: If you have a pledge level that includes the mat, you do not need to order this product as it will automatically ship with your game. This is for those who want to order an extra. 

Tutankhamun - Pharaoh Edition Game

Pharaoh Edition of the game

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