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All-In Gameplay Reward

This pledge gets you all the gameplay components from the very beginning of Thunderstone Quest. It contains Champion ($120), To the Barricades ($100), New Horizons ($50), and Enemies Among us ($75). Also includes Epic Support for Champion ($25). This pledge doesn't come with sleeves or the neoprene mat, but they will be easily added in the Pledge Manager. All Stretch Goals and Kickstarter Exclusive content included.

You will get:
11 Quests (1-11)
Epic support for all Quests
4th level Heroes for all Heroes
Three superdeluxe storage boxes (one each for Champion, To the Barricades, and Enemies Among Us)

DOES NOT INCLUDE Retail display boxes for Quests 8, 9, 10 or 11, the Neoprene mat, or sleeves

Enemies Among Us (Q10, Q11, Superdeluxe Box, Plastic Dividers)

Includes Quest 10, Quest 11, Superdeluxe Box, plastic dividers.

The box is the same size as the Champion and To the Barricades superdeluxe boxes. Adds additional storage.

DOES NOT INCLUDE the retail boxes for the two Quests

Box design & illustration will be changed; art is a placeholder.


This is the Champion Reward


All base game components

Superdeluxe Storage Box

Quest 1: A Mirror in the Dark

Quest 2: Total Eclipse of the Sun (KSE)

Quest 3: Risen from the Mire

Quest 4: At the Foundations of the World

Quest 5: Ripples in Time

All Stretch Goals + Exclusives from 1st Thunderstone Quest KS

To the Barricades

To the Barricades Reward

New Horizons

New Horizons Reward

Includes Quest 8 Vengeful Sands
Includes Quest 9 Clockwork Destiny

Does include 4th Level Heroes
Does include Ezuzurius' Lair

Does include Epic support for all cards in these components

DOES NOT INCLUDE the retail display boxes shown

Epic Support for Champion

Includes 1 extra card of every playable card in the Champion Reward to enable easy setup for Epic Thunderstone Play. COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, has no new gameplay content. PURELY FOR CONVENIENCE.

Delivered in a plain white tuckbox. Box shown for not included.

Pledge now for $350
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