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Champion Reward

This Reward is identical to the Champion Reward from the 1st Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter.

Includes 5 Quests (Quest 1 - 5)
Includes Bandits of Blackrock and other promotional cards added as Stretch Goals in the 1st Kickstarter
Includes a superdeluxe box

DOES NOT INCLUDE Epic Support. To get Epic Thunderstone cards for Champion purchase the Add-on that provides those cards


This is the Champion Reward


All base game components

Superdeluxe Storage Box

Quest 1: A Mirror in the Dark

Quest 2: Total Eclipse of the Sun (KSE)

Quest 3: Risen from the Mire

Quest 4: At the Foundations of the World

Quest 5: Ripples in Time

All Stretch Goals + Exclusives from 1st Thunderstone Quest KS

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