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Enemies Among Us Reward

The new content from this Kickstarter. for backers who already own the Thunderstone Quest base game.  

Includes Quest 10 Darkness Rising
Includes Quest 11 Miricelle's Return
Includes 4th level heroes for these Quests
Includes Epic support for these Quests

Includes the superdeluxe box (the same size as the Champion & To the Barricades boxes)

Includes plastic dividers for all previous Thunderstone Quest releases and the new content in this Kickstarter

DOES NOT INCLUDE Retail display boxes for Quests 10 & 11 as shown in this image

Enemies Among Us (Q10, Q11, Superdeluxe Box, Plastic Dividers)

Includes Quest 10, Quest 11, Superdeluxe Box, plastic dividers.

The box is the same size as the Champion and To the Barricades superdeluxe boxes. Adds additional storage.

DOES NOT INCLUDE the retail boxes for the two Quests

Box design & illustration will be changed; art is a placeholder.

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